It does not bode well for the prosecutors that the had to admit that they charged him with something they should not have (possession of an SBR) and that charge was dismissed.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “One down, five more to go”
  1. “ charged him with something they should not have (possession of an SBR)”

    So the LAW lied? As usual.
    ATF’s most common play. FBI’s SOP.
    Every word from every Politician.

    1. Expect a ruling by the BATFE that a 16″ barrel isn’t a 16″ barrel, it’s actually only 12″ and thus makes a SBR out of a previously not-SBR.

      Why not? Changing their minds and changing their definitions is a common theme amongst the BAFTFE.

      And then the prosecutor will refile charges under the new upcoming ruling, that BATFE says is now applicable to all guns, even ones that should have been grand-fathered in, and allowing prosecution of cases in the past where the gun was determined to not be an SBR under the old rulings but not under the new ruling.

      Sadly, probably not sarcasm.

  2. This charge was challenged in pretrial motions. The Judge should have paid attention then and never allowed it in.

  3. I can’t decide if the persecution is more ignorant, more evil, or an even mix of both.

    Even a puppy can learn after repeatedly being hit with a newspaper. The Bing-meister jest don’t seem to get it.

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