Yesterday I posted this video of one of Maduro’s military thugs in a armored personnel carrier running over protesters in Caracas.

Then last night a buddy of mine sent me this:


I couldn’t agree more.

If what the deep thinkers on the Left say is true, that Bernie Sanders is the candidate who will beat Trump, and that comes to pass, then lame duck Republicans have one job.

Repeal the National Firearms Act and Federal explosives licensing requirements.

No, bullshit.

Because when President Sanders hands the keys to an APC over to Antifa I want to own a God damned M4 Car Gustaf.

The history of socialism from Mussolini’s Blackshirts, to Hitler’s Brown Shirts, to Stalin’s NKVD, to Maduro’s GNB is of tyrants filling the ranks of military or paramilitary units with loyal thugs who take great pleasure in stamping their boots in the faces of citizens, and much worse.

If the Second Amendment means anything as a bulwark against tyranny, when that moment comes to America, I want more than just an AR-15.

I want full auto belt fed and high explosive anti-tank.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “One job for Lame Duck Republicans”
  1. Bernie Sanders as the Democrat candidate would be the best thing we can get for the 2024 election. The idea that he can beat Trump is all talk, and several of the points in that Medium article are outright backwards (Bernie is as anti-nuclear as anyone on the left, and with Scott Adam’s pushing the “Green Nuclear Deal,” any environmentalist push that doesn’t include nuclear energy is a nonstarter)

    However, his defeat in 2020 will put a much needed end to the “Bernie would have won” ranting from the left and crush their base so that our guy in 2024 can finish what Teump started.

    But yeah, repealing the NFA would be good too.

  2. Repubs would never work to repeal the NFA. They’re the eternal “We must work together” party with ppl that want them defeated n dead.

  3. It would be nice, but then again they had two years and did what, exactly, for gun rights at the national level?

    My guess would be that a lame duck Repub Congress would do its level best to make friends with the incoming overlords instead.

    Pardon my cynicism … a side effect of air travel, I’m afraid, kinda like jet lag.

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