This is one of the most elitist, condescending, and ignorant exchanges I’ve ever seen on Twitter.  Except for Kyle Kashuv, that is.

First it started with David Hogg having another one of this deep thoughts.

First of all, somebody needs to tell David Hogg that there already is a Federal Firearms and Ammunition Excise Tax that is collected by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

The money is not spent on gun violence research, and I’d be offended if it was.

Cook County, Illinois, imposed a $25 per gun tax for guns sold in the county and called it a “violence tax.”  The purpose of the tax is “offsetting the high cost taxpayers shoulder as a result of gun violence.”

Essentially, Cook County demanded that hunters, sportsmen, target shooters, and law abiding gun owners who were buying guns and ammo in Cook County, showing their FOID cards and obeying the law, were paying into a fund to pay for the medical bills of all the gang members in Chicago who got shot.

It was, and still is, offensive as fuck.

This is what David Hogg wants to do at a Federal level.  Make law abiding gun owners pay for the rope used to hang them.

The Twitter thread that unraveled from Hoggs ignorance took a turn for the insane.

Working class people are too stupid and don’t have good enough jobs to be allowed to buy guns.

Also, why would anybody steal from them because the stuff they own is junk.

Kimberly is a member of the anti-Trump #Resistance in Jupiter Florida.

Jupiter is a resort town north of Palm Beach, right on the ocean, and has a median household income north of $70,000 per year. 

But Kim’s total condescension towards the working class wasn’t the zenith of her idiocy.

This woman truly doesn’t understand the concept of the Bill of Rights or the Second Amendment.

Clearly in this woman’s mind, the Federal Government should make guns prohibitively expensive through taxes in order to keep the working classes from being able to buy guns because she thinks that they are too stupid to be allowed to have them, and that’s fine because the Second Amendment and the “right of the people to keep and bear arms” is just a privilege.

It’s not just about the guns.  It is that these people really hate you and think that you are just some untermensch who doesn’t deserve to have civil liberties.




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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “One of David Hogg’s followers tells us what she really thinks of gun owners”
  1. So the blonde blue-eyed poster girl for the National Socialist Women’s League doesn’t think the lower classes (untermenschen?) should have guns nor do they have the right to self defense. Seems I’ve heard that before.

  2. I know, it’s childish in the extreme..I know, I know, but….

    “Girls go to Jupiter and get more stupider! Boys got to Mars and get more candy bars!”

  3. I’ve said it about a hundred times before…

    A majority of gun control arguments boil down to, “Guns should be banned because I don’t want THOSE PEOPLE to have guns!”
    “Those People” almost always translates to either rural whites or urban blacks.
    Thanks, Kimberly, for making my point in such a clear and lucid fashion.

  4. And she reduces self defense to protecting property… I guess battery, rape and murder never happen to poor people, either.

    1. And besides, armed defense of property SHOULD be legal. It used to be; that right deserves to be restored.
      After all, property is the outcome of effort, i.e., the owner’s time, a portion of his life. Steal his property, you steal that piece of his life.

  5. Everyone, keep on perusing twitter, facebook et al., etc.
    These people are – freely – doing the majority of the job of a gathering intelligence for future use when they self-identify themselves.

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