For anyone holding out hope that at some point this COVID insanity will end, Oregon is the first state to crush that.

COVID has become endemic.  It’s here to stay.  Hopefully through mutations, vaccination, and therapeutics, it will be like the flu, a seasonal annoyance with a low mortality rate, and we all get on with our lives.

That also means any COVID restrictions based on cases will be permanent, as it will always be floating around like the flu.

Constant, never-ending, permanent COVID protocols and restrictions.

Oregon was first, who is next?

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Oregon is the first state to fall”
  1. I’ve been thinking for a while now that unless something changes, this is the new normal. It’s just been too long and people are now used to it.

    One thing I note, having flown frequently recently… Airlines are getting almost belligerent telling people to keep their masks on as part of the preboarding announcements, and the in-cabin safety briefs. Really had a “we’re just following orders” vibe.

    1. Last time I flew was a great trip out west, in 2019. My pre-paid trip to Hawaii was cancelled in early 2020, because of all the shut-downs.
      I’m never getting that dangerous jab, because thousands of people have died from the jab, and tens of thousands more have permanent disabilities because of the jab.
      Of course, you have to dig deep for those numbers, because the leftmedia don’t print them.
      Looks like I will never fly again, unless I make friends with a private pilot.

      Not crying about it; just making a point.

  2. Counting cases leads to this.

    If they were to test everyone for common STDs, the governors/mayors would feel justified in requiring condom use even when you are sleeping alone.

    1. Counting cases.

      And listing all deaths as COVID deaths to drive up the numbers.

      And pushing the fear p0rn based on those artificially-inflated numbers.

      And listening to Nuremburg-style criminal Anthony Fauci (between the gain-of-function research, the beagle puppies, and the NYC orphans…).

      And hiring a “state epidemiologist” who’s not actually an epidemiologist (ours is trained in internal medicine and pediatrics … and coincidentally carries a distinct pedo vibe to me).

      And forcing people to remain “socially distanced” to prevent just enough transmission to prolong the pandemic.

      And forcing vaccination while the pandemic is still ongoing (conventional medical practice [read: SCIENCE] says this is a BIG no-no; it all but guarantees mutations and variants).

      And rehashing all of the above (and more) with every new variant that comes out … despite the last two years’ of experience telling us the people in charge either have no idea what they’re doing, or are actively trying to make the pandemic as bad as possible.

      Even if the whole of the SARS-CoV-2 family were ever eradicated, the precedent is set. We’ll have “seasonal” (re-upped every season, year-round) pandemic restrictions to prevent the flu — which will do nothing, but increases the Governor’s power, so they’ll do it anyway.

    2. You mean like HIV/AIDS? Which in several states is NOT illegal to not tell a partner about and there are no requirements to wear any symbol or mark that shows one is a carrier.

  3. Our Glorious Governor seems to have taken it upon herself to be the baddest state-level COVID dictator in the nation.

    Any restriction another state enacts, she says, “Hold my organic, locally-sourced, hand-crafted, small-batch, artisan micro-brew.” And does it harder.

    At this point, not even California is as locked down as we are, and they’re run by freakin’ communists!

    And I’m just going to put this here:

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