Make it absolutely clear, Israelis are patriotic people.  They will not just let their country be eliminated.  They fought to create it, they fought to defend it, they will fight to keep it from being taken away.  The only way to turn all of Israel into Palestine is to totally defeat the Israelis in a war of attrition.

The Palestinians know it.

This is a call for genocide.

The Left ignores it or whitewashes it.

This is what we Jews are really up against.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Palestinians call for genocide on the streets of New York”
  1. The Democrats see nothing wrong here as they also are of the opinion and fully support the extermination of every single jew in Israel. Not just every single jew in Israel but also the extermination of every single jew in the entire country of not the world that does not support that. Now that would not be all of them as there are Jews that actually support that. We call them Democrats. Yes, I went there.

    The left and Democrats unironically call you a nazi while at the same time desiring the same thing they did, desiring genocide of the Jewish population. Sure there are democrat party members that are also Jewish but their political alignment is their religion. So they see nothing wrong with the extermination of every jew in Israel. In fact to them it’s good because it gives them more victim points.

    Does this sound hyperbolic? Then you have not been paying attention. We know what the left really wants. They post it on Twitter every day.

  2. Years and years and years and the Jews in America have still not woken up and will continue to vote for the left who hates them. Just like with leftists in general there will be no red pilled woke moment until it personally hits them in the face.

  3. Just wait until the Islamic population reaches 10 %.

    Just ask France, Just ask Belgium, Just ask Netherlands.

    And watch Canada over the next decade.

  4. “This is a call for genocide.”

    Nah. I’m sure this misunderstanding will get straightened out when we get this week’s dictionary. 8>)

  5. It appears that the majority of both Israelis and “Palestinians” don’t support a “two state solution”. But by “one state solution” they mean entirely different things. Israelis mean Israel, a state in which everyone gets to vote and live no matter what your religion. “Palestinians” mean a Judenfrei state in which only Palestinians live and all others have been driven into the sea, alive or dead.

    The Hamas Caucus (formerly known as “the Squad”) support that second interpretation.

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