Parkland Youth win participation medal that is emblematic of all the problems we face

According to the website for the The International Children’s Peace Prize:

The International Children’s Peace Prize is awarded annually to an exceptional child, whose courageous or otherwise remarkable actions have made a difference in improving children’s rights, which helps children worldwide. The motivation behind the prize is to provide a platform for children to express their ideas and personal involvement in children’s rights. KidsRights feels that children should be recognized, awarded and motivated in their fierce efforts to improve their own situation and that of the children in their environment and even the world.

The prize was launched by KidsRights during the 2005 World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates at the Capitol in Rome, chaired by Mikhail Gorbachev. Since then, the prize has been presented every year by a Nobel Peace Laureate. The International Children’s Peace Prize is an initiative of Marc Dullaert, Chairman and Founder of the KidsRights Foundation.

Let is remember that the Nobel Peace Prize is political bullshit most frequently given to assholes.

The 1994 Prize went in part to Yasser Arafat for being a terrorist who shook hands with some Jews in front of Bill Clinton in Oslo.

The 2002 prize when to Jimmy Carter for being a pud trying to fix the legacy of his spineless presidency.

The 2007 prize went to Al Gore for making a movie about climate change that was just plain wrong.  More than a decade after his movie was released, there is still snow on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

The 2009 prize went to Barack Obama for not being George W. Bush, and now the Nobel Committee regrets that decision.

The presenter of the 2018 Children’s Peace Prize was Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Tutu is an anti-Semite who openly supports Hamas, has been an apologist for Palestinian terrorism, and has called on churches in to recognize Israel as an apartheid state.  He also supports race based taxation in Africa that targets white people.  But just like Nelson Mandela, the left has elevated Desmond Tutu for his anti apartheid actions, white washing or erasing the ugly side of the man.

So why did the Parkland kids win?  Again, back to the  the website for the The International Children’s Peace Prize:

David, Emma, Jaclyn and Matt co-founded the March For Our Lives movement alongside 20+ other high school students in the United States (US). When their school became the umpteenth scene of a school shooting, they were determined to bring about change. They organized the March For Our Lives event in March 2018 to protest gun violence and demand safer schools and communities. Hundreds of thousands of people turned up to show their support and more than 800 sister marches took place on the same day across the US and beyond. But for David, Emma, Jaclyn and Matt, this was only the beginning. They want to make sure that their generation is heard, and made it their mission to get young people to vote and to get high level decision-makers to listen. They called on politicians, through social media and national television, to step up to the plate. This summer the group took to the road, visiting 80 communities in 24 states to talk about creating safer communities. They lobbied, held town hall rallies, and registered thousands of young people to vote.

They marched.

Their marches accomplished nothing proactive for kids safety.

They did manage to make enough noise to strip law abiding citizens of their rights in a handful of states, including Florida.

The adults who allowed the Parkland shooting to happen either still have their jobs or resigned or retired with their pensions intact.

They engaged in the meanest and ugliest of politics, so much so that if anything, they made the gun safety argument in America worse.

This award was a sham, given to kids who at best did nothing to achieve their stated goals, but did manage to strip the civil rights from innocent people.  This award was given by a Lefty hero who turned out to be just as awful as the people he was an activist against.

This was a bullshit award given as a participation trophy to some awful kids, fully cementing the fact that “International Peace” is entirely synonymous with “anti Constitutional civil rights.”

Just remember, this is a UN symbol for “peace and hope.”


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  1. Your review of the value of the Nobel Peace Prize forgot the 1990 award to Mikhail Gorbachev.

    I believe his representative to accept the award in Oslo hitched a ride on the tanks that were rolling over the Baltic states at the time.

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