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I want you guys to get ready to dig in your pockets and under the couch’s cushions, one of the sweetest and hardest-working people for the Second Amendment is in trouble. Paul Lathrop from the Polite Society Podcast.

Here is what his wife posted just a while ago in Facebook:

Human Rights Advocate Paul Lathrop needs your help.

Paul is a longtime advocate of the people’s right to self-defense. He is the author of the popular Podcast “Polite Society”. Paul is about as “salt of the earth” as you can get. A truck driver and driving instructor by trade, he and his loving wife Susan are two of the finest people on the planet.

Paul was in Nebraska with a truck driver student performing training. The student stopped at a station to refuel. As the student pulled away from the pump, another driver apparently felt that the student was too close to his rig. Although there was no collision, the irate driver of the other truck rushed over to the driver’s side and aggressively approached the student to the point that the student felt that he was about to be assaulted.

The student told the other driver to back off. Paul also demanded that the driver back off. After some back and forth, the other driver finally went back to his vehicle and the student drove off. Unfortunately the other driver decided to call the police and accused Paul of threatening him with a gun. The student swears that he never saw a gun at any time during the confrontation, but the police stopped them and Paul was arrested.

Paul is being accused of making “terroristic” threats. Many of you are aware that is one of the latest ploys used by ambitious prosecutors all over the nation. In addition, they included “Possession of a weapon during the commission of a felony”. Of course the “felony” is the trumped up charge of making terroristic threats. I find that to be a self-referencing, catch 22 type of charge.

In any event, many of you know Paul and those of you who don’t but who know me (Frank) can feel confident that he deserves our help and support. Paul is going to need money for bail and for a defense attorney. I am asking you to please consider helping this very deserving, hard-working advocate of our rights. Paul’s resources are modest and he really needs the help of the 2A and human rights community. Thank you.

(Susan) I am on my way to Nebraska this morning to meet with a lawyer and to hopefully get Paul out of jail. I will keep everyone updated as more information becomes available.

We are working on setting up a Go-Fund me page for Paul’s legal defense and for bail. If you would like to donate before the page is operational, you can send donations through PayPal to



Paul Lathrop is a good guy, loyal and loving husband and a true fighter for our Second Amendment Rights. It pains me that some jackass would have the need to satisfy his half-inflated ego by calling the cops on him, but I have seen this type of behavior before.

There is the email address to send via PayPal. As soon as the GoFundMe page is up and running, I will let you guys know.

And of course, pass the word around. We need to make jackasses understand that if they come at any of us, they will raise a motherloving legion against them

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

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