This is horrific:


The origin of the pitbull was as a bull baiting breed, a dog literally bred to fight bulls by biting their faces.

Any farmer who owns livestock should absolutely have the right to shoot a pitbull that comes onto their property.

The most shocking thing about this post was the lack of shooting, you be honest.

Most farmers that I know have a ready access rifle for livestock defense.

If there is a lesson to be learned here, you need a ready access rifle in your arsenal.

Since I’m in a rental, I can’t put a gun safe upstairs.  Once I buy a home, I’m going to reassess my home defense gun situation.

I’ve been thinking about AWAs rifle situation and I think an AR in 350 Legend will be my top choice.

The power of a 30-30 but in a semiautomatic package with a 20 round mag (the straight wall doesn’t like the 30 round curve).  I’ll probably outfit it with a variable 1-6x optic.

Should be perfect for anything up to 200 lbs of bull baiting dog.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Pitbulls doing what they were bred to do”
  1. The idea of having your go to rifle/ pistol locked up in a gun safe is not appealing to me. My pistol is ON ME except when sleeping and sleeping its in one place every time. My rifle is in its place unless we have company. Once company goes it goes back to its place. Locking up your shtf gun is not a good idea.. fire depts don’t recommend a heavy safe on second floor, house burns they fall..

    1. That concept is all well and good, but not everyone can leave their guns out or even have them nearby at all times.
      My job requires me to work within a hard non permissive environment so even having a pistol in the car is a no go except on weekends. Add in a very curious 7 year old and weapon security is non negotiable.
      Given the consequences of negligent firearm storage (say maybe a federal felony and/or dead kid), I’m not going to be one to poo-poo safe storage of firearms or making adjustments due to lifestyle requirements while balancing quick accessibility in the event of an “Oh shit,” moment.

  2. I have a 5-year-old and a 9-year-old, all of my guns are locked up. My big safes are in the basement on the slab. I have one small safe that weighs 300 lbs that was my upstairs safe and only held one long gun and one CCW gun. That has a very reliable digital lock that takes me a couple of seconds to open.

  3. We’ve got cattle, and about a 200 yard shot to the farthest fence on our property. I went with a .300 BLK upper and a .30 cal can and subsonic ammo so I don’t need ear plugs… just grab the rifle, rack one in, and I’ve got 30 bang bucks on board for whatever wants a pass at the livestock…

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