Doctors say an Atlanta woman has “no expectancy of survival” after being accidentally shot in a car entering Miami Beach Sunday evening.
That’s according to the arrest report for Atlanta resident 24-year-old Taniyria Holt, booked for now on charges of culpable negligence that inflicts personal injury and improper exhibition of firearms.
The victim, whose name is redacted in the report, is on life support. Doctors are waiting for her family to come down from Georgia. If the woman dies, the charges against Holt likely will change.

She said the four women in the car were recording themselves on cellphones when Holt, in the front passenger seat, was handling a 9mm handgun owned by Ashley Burden, who was sitting directly behind Holt. Police say Holt described herself racking the gun, seeing a live round ejected.
“Thinking the firearm was free of live rounds, Ms. Holt said she went to pass the firearm over to (the victim, sitting behind the driver), but accidentally shot her,” the report said. “The cellular phone being utilized by (the victim) showed signs of the projectile struck (the victim) in the facial area, causing her injuries.”

One Atlanta woman passed a gun to another in a car. Fatal mistake, Miami Beach cops say

What pisses me off even more is that the same people that gleefully block any attempt we advance to train people on how to properly and safely handle a firearm, are the same assholes that applaud and celebrate “cultural” music videos of people mishandling weapons like the were a mix of toys and magic wands. And when things like this happen, then they blame us for the deaths they caused with their roadblocks.

You can get funding and cheers to teach kindergarteners who to properly use a condom and change their sex taught by the Child Molester of the Week, but you will whipped be run out of town if you even suggest teaching the Four Rules of Gun Safety to High Schoolers.

Then again, it is through bloody victims they make their living. Safe people are boring and unprofitable.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “Play stupid, games, win stupid prizes, kill a friend while you are it.”
  1. Now that I live in a free state, I have adapted the NRA Basic Pistol course to include busting of (mostly) media and entertainment myths. That portion seems to be well received.

        1. If you pm me on the GFZ discourse, id like to get some training for myself and daughter. Lots of experience and no paper.

  2. There was a novel I read a while back — I think Summer of Night by Dan Simmons — where one of the protagonists (a 12 year old boy) recounts how his father firmly indoctrinated safe gun handling into him. Including ‘you always make sure the gun is unloaded, because if you turn your back it’ll load itself’.

    Now, we might smirk, but this is actually good advice. If you don’t have full awareness of a firearm, then you don’t know if someone has messed with it. Ergo, you ALWAYS clear the firearm. Always.

    1. Toast – always a good idea. If I’m handed a firearm, even by my best friend, I’ll check it to be sure it’s empty. And if I do the same, handing one over to him, when he checks, I’m not in the least offended. A good practice – keeps everybody safe for that one-time brain-cramp.

      1. @Jerry: “A good practice – keeps everybody safe for that one-time brain-cramp.”

        I heartily concur.

      2. Jerry, I’d go one step further: if handing a gun to a friend, if he does not check, I’d remind him of the need to do so.

  3. Two “it’s loaded stories”

    We were at camp with a number of freedom minded folks. One of the group had brought a new to us youngster. Dude was big and had attitude. It’s ok, we do a bunch of range time and we are now sitting around taking.

    We are taking about carry weapons and dude tells us the only gun we should ever carry is a Glock. And then goes on about how his Glock is just amazing. Do we want to see it?

    We’re polite nobody really wants to see another plastic fantastic but we say sure.

    He draws his weapon safety, drops the mag and then swings the gun around m uhh muzzling people as old folks go diving out of the line of his muzzle.

    He is horribly offended. It’s empty! Didn’t we see him drop the mag! He never carries with a round in the chamber. Nobody should because it is so unsafe.

    One of us took the weapon from him and cleared it. No physical grabbing just “hand it to me”. Dude just couldn’t get it through his head how bad his gun safety was.

    When we got up on the morning he was gone. We had heard a discharge during the night and figure he had an unintentional discharge and didn’t want to face us.

    Dude is on my watch list. Along with the guy that brought him.

    Second was when I was training my 8 yo son. We are at our range. I ask him if the gun I just brought out was loaded.

    “No dad” “cover your ears” BANG.
    “Is it loaded?” “Uh, yes”
    “Correct” I drop the mag. “Is it loaded?” “No” “cover your ears.” BANG

    “Is it loaded?” “Yes dad.” “Good”

    I show him how to clear the weapon. We do a hand off, me to him. He clears it. He hands out back. I clear it again and drop the slide.

    “Is it loaded” “no” “cover your ears” BANG.

    “It is always loaded. Even if you think it isn’t, it is loaded”

    From that day forward he has always treated every firearm as loaded. Which is sometimes a pain when I’ve got a pistol in parts and he’s being very careful.

    I had palmed a round and as I dropped the slide I chambered the round.

    Thank you Heinlein

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