Poll: Almost a third of US voters think a second civil war is coming soon

From USA Today:

 A war may be brewing within the United States, almost a third of voters say in a poll released Wednesday.
Amid widespread political polarization on issues like immigration and recent public confrontations of Trump administration officials, 31 percent of probable U.S. voters surveyed said they think “it’s likely that the United States will experience a second civil war sometime in the next five years.”

I am one of those and I do believe there is a group of politicians pushing for it thinking it can be controlled and regulated for their benefit.

Their mistake.


8 Replies to “Poll: Almost a third of US voters think a second civil war is coming soon”

  1. A decade ago my wife talked me into reading Gone with the Wind. Rhett Butler’s speech to the southern gentlemen about not being prepared mentally or materially for Civil War always stays with me.

  2. Get out and Vote!

    Find a candidate that you believe in (or one with an opponent you despise) and volunteer. We may not be able to vote our way out of this, but we won’t know unless we try! Vote. Voting got us Trump, and delayed the disaster four years or more. Get your friends and family out to vote.

    And if the worse happens, at least you can tell God you tried.

  3. We can vote, and we’ll likely get more votes, it’s the left that isn’t going to tolerate it.

    Say the Republicans manage to hold both houses of Congress and Trump gets re-elected. We already are seeing states and politicians simply ignoring the rule of law and the administration’s decrees. This is why I don’t understand why they are in such a tizzy about the SCOTUS – they will just ignore it anyway. Maybe it’s their last attempt at a cold takeover? Look at California. Harris, DeLeon, Newsom, Brown, Feinstein, and their ilk are simply going to say “This is what we are doing, your courts and laws be damned. What are you going to do about it?” Perhaps if we had an Attorney General who did something, the administration might have teeth, but Jeff Sessions is apparently worthless.

    Sorry to be a Gloomy Gus, I just can’t see any peaceful resolution to what ails this country. I also think there are going to be a lot of shell shocked people on the sidelines with normalcy bias and a deer in the headlights look when things go hot and serious violence begins.

  4. Also, from that article:

    “While more than half thought it was unlikely the USA would see a second civil war soon, 59 percent of voters were still concerned that opponents of President Donald Trump’s policies would resort to violence.

    During former President Barack Obama’s second year in office, a similar 53% of voters thought those who did not support his policies would turn to violence, according to Rasmussen.”

    What the Fake News journalists of USA Today failed to mention is that opponents of Trump’s policies have already repeatedly resorted to violence, something that didn’t happen during the Obama years.

  5. Lefties, please do not mistake the patience, forbearance, and peaceful instincts of the right for lack of resolve, preparedness, or unwillingness to fight, should it be necessary.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  6. I’m praying for peace, but, I am ready to fight, ammo, weapons, and extra food… I will fight, I will NOT die sitting down, and being a slave…

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