Pre-bacon & Pre Sausage.

A meme trying to shame me: FAIL.

pig slaughter

Not only I can look at it, I have gotten my hands stained with pig’s blood. Hell, back in NW Spain, you save the blood to make sausage and some weird crepes that I never got the taste for. I also pulled out and saved the intestines to make chorizo, got the kidneys because they are tasty to eat fried with olive oil, paprika and onion (You do need to cut them up first, wash them good and leave them soaking in booze for several hours to remove any odors or flavors not compatible with eating.) But I loved the hams, smoked in the Spanish tradition to make Serrano (no the ultra salty shit some supermarkets sell.)

Face it Junior, pig is damned good eating. And if you get hungry enough, you will get dirty too and a lot less judgmental .

Here, start eating.



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  1. I love chorizo in my eggs. There ain’t much on a hog that ain’t good to eat. From the snout, pickled, to the feet, pickled, to the tail, cooked with collard greens. Yummy…

    Now I’m hungry again.

    1. We find this brand locally and it is darned good. When my Spanish mother gives it the seal of approval…

      It is a smoked/dried chorizo which is good for the way we eat it:
      Pot with boiling water add potatoes, eggs and the whole chorizo. Keep an eye till the taters get soft. stab the chorizo a couple of times to let some juices out…they well go in the potatoes. Leave for 5 minutes, drain, serve with lots of olive oil.

      Simple Galician farmer’s meal.

      1. Oops! I should have specified Mexican chorizo since that’s what I’m familiar with because… Texas. But if I can find the Spanish kind I’ll give it a try.

          1. I love Spanish Chorizo. A friend of mine makes her paella with it which adds a wonderful smokey flavor that pairs beautifully with the prawns.

            Mexican Chrozio is just too spicy, it tastes like pepperoni with jalapenos.

  2. Somehow, I don’t think that anyone who’s raised farm animals mind the thought of eating them.

    When you’ve been exposed to the malicious stupidity of sheep long enough, lamb chops start to have the sweet taste of revenge.

        1. No, I have to disagree with that. Sheep are special kind of stupid. Chickens are bird-brained idiots, sure, but they got nothing on sheep when it comes to stupid.

          And I really don’t understand the point of the picture. I took a good hard look at it and I wondered why they only had one pig up and bleeding out. Were they being lazy that day? Is it early, and they just started? Is the picture part of a series where they show the second and third pig being butchered to make delicious bacon and sausages and ham?

          Sometime I just don’t understand the point of it all. I know where my food comes from. I know what it takes to get it from living animal that needs fed and cared for (or hunted !) to food on my plate. And I feel no shame in it. In fact, the opposite is true. I take pride in knowing how to do it, and do it humanely. If the sight bothers someone, it says more about their shortcomings than it does about my understanding of where and how food is getting to my dinner table.

          Now I’m hungry….

        2. But chickens will find their way home when night comes. Sheep will stay in the middle of the road if you don’t bet them to death. Plus accounting brain size, chickens get a small pass.

  3. I wonder if these idiots would rather we have wild boats roaming wild, goring children to death. Oh nevermind, these people think that humans should all be stacked on top of each other living in shacks made of leaves.

    My favorite is when they start bitching about hunting, they would rather have Bambi starve or have his hind legs get ripped from him as he is clipped by a semi going 70 mph, don’t worry he didn’t die instantly he bled out to death in incredible pain.

  4. Not getting it. Looks like dinner to me, pre-preparation and pre-processed dinner, mind you. Dinner in potentia.

    Oh waiiiiitttt…

    Enviro-pussies must have written the caption! I get it! Duh! Sorry guys, it’s Friday and I can’t brain today. The weekend is already giving me a case of the dumb. My bad.

  5. I’ll admit I see a few weird things about that picture:

    1) Is that little child-gate looking thing supposed to stop pigs from getting out? Pigs are freaking escape artists…that thing ain’t gonna stop a pig…

    2) Pigs aren’t always the most civil things in the world. Why would two live ones be in with a dead one like that? Did you slaughter it with the other two right next to you? Seems to me like whoever was doing in the one was risking a bruising from the others. In my experience the animals currently being slaughtered were always at very least not in the same pen as the ones currently on the block. Just seems like wise decision making to me…

    Other than that, yeah, I just see future-bacon.

  6. To give this a pro 2A spin, perhaps what the author of the picture should really take away is the pigs are doing what many defenseless creatures do when they know they are about to die, cower and wait their turn. The author should ask really be asking if we want to be like the pigs waiting to be killed or have an option available to fight back.

    But otherwise, the realities of slaughterhouses, animal processing, and live stock handling would turn the stomach of most people, hell it is to me sometimes. But it doesn’t stop me from eating animals because that’s reality. Ive shot pheseants and helped butcher plenty of deer myself, and spent a small amount of time around livestock, and well people simply loose the perspective that we are top of the food chain.

      1. I realize that but as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. No one said all of those words have to match the same theme.

        Also, chorizo is boss, my favorite at the local taco stands and trucks. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the Spanish variety.

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