By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “President Dufus says something else stupid about guns”
  1. There, see?? Ol pedo has the answer! Just nick the bad guy in his pinkie… too funny. The sad part is these morons are serious!….

  2. Finally got around to listening to that tripe.
    Was expecting something worse actually, but it is bad enough.
    When I was a kid, you obeyed cops because they would shoot you if you did not. OK, granted cops did not go around shooting people left and right, but the threat was there.
    Remove that threat and you will get a crime wave much worse than gangs shoplifting. Much worse crimes, because “what are the cops going to do? Use harsh language? Who cares…”
    When you remove the use of deadly force threat, you have removed the deterrent.

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