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I have not watched the full documentary. I may or may not do so. For those of you who don’t know, it is a documentary over gun violence in the U.S.A. It is supposed to represent both sides, and it is done by Katie Couric and Stephanie Soechtig.


I want to watch it to see how balanced the documentary is, but from the trailer and reviews it appears to be one-sided. For instance, the trailer opens with an interviewer asking “How do you feel about the fact that a person on the government’s terror watch list can’t board a plane but can buy a gun?”. Right away there is propaganda- or just misleading information- given. First, the terror watch list is known to be faulty. Second, boarding planes is not a right. Bearing arms is a right, and requires due process.

The show then points out that there are more FFL dealers/people than total of Starbucks and McDonalds in the U.S.A. I can’t figure out why this is such a terrifying number? I mean, let’s compare entire markets at least. About 247,000 fast food restaurants are in the U.S.A., while there are only 51,438 retail gun stores. However, the number of these stores do not matter. I just figured I would also quickly find larger numbers for the fun of it since the filmmaker did so.

The trailer doesn’t contain much else, other than a few quotes on how the film is fair on the topic.

According to Katie, the NRA only represents 5% of gun owners.  There are about 5 to 6 million NRA members. Let’s go on and say that by their math, 120 million gun owners exist in the U.S.A. You don’t think that it is possible that many of those gun owners support the NRA? I am not a member, but I approve of a lot of what they do. While I am sure there are gun owners that think all gun sales should go through background checks, it is terribly misleading to think that only 5 percent of gun owners approve of the NRA.


This is all for today, and I will consider watching the full documentary. However, I will likely just go on about one or two topics from the film if I do. That way the blog does not become burdened or repetitious. Have a nice day.


Update: I missed J. Kb’s article in February that spoke of this film.

There you will find where he showed a list of official partners of the film. Everytown and quite a few others made the list. Thanks to the comment below for pointing this out.

11 Replies to “Preview Trailer: Under the Gun”

  1. If you own ANY firearms,1gun or a million of them, you should pony up the cash and join ANY of the gun rights groups out there. I belong to 2. Imagine the possibilities if there were 150 MILLION gun owners who belonged to gun rights groups. I am an NRA certified instructor but I dont push the nra on anyone. I push that you should belong to ONE group at least, ANY group. Its time to stop being the silent majority. Look at how much certain groups get with only .003% members. WAKE UP AMERICA. Our Freedom is depending on it. Curby.

  2. These lying assholes never point out that FFL lists include every WalMart, Dicks, Academy Sports, Scheels, and other big box chain store that sells guns along with golf clubs and roller blades.

    FFL lists include just about ever pawn shop in America.

    FFL lists ALSO include every machine shop, finishing shop, heat treater, and plater that is engaged in the manufacture or finishing of gun parts.

    The “we have more FFLs than grocery stores” is bull when the largest retailer of food is also the largest retailer of guns.

  3. First, the terror watch list is known to be faulty. Second, boarding planes is not a right. Bearing arms is a right, and requires due process.

    Third, people of the terrorist watchlist CAN board an airplane. It’s only the much smaller subset of the watchlist called the “no fly list” who are prohibited from boarding planes. But, of course the antis lie about this in a effort to strip gun rights for the entire watchlist.

    1. Right. They want to equate the two lists, to impose due-process-lacking civil rights restrictions on the largest possible number of people for the flimsiest of reasons.

  4. Boarding a plane may not be an enumerated right, but it does fall under the many unenumerated rights, namely the freedom of movement.

  5. About 247,000 fast food restaurants are in the U.S.A., while there are only 51,438 retail gun stores.

    And deaths from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other obesity- and diet-related conditions completely dwarf firearm-related deaths in America, even if you include suicides-by-firearm in the numbers.

    Where’s the politically-charged Joyce-funded documentary decrying all the fat-and-simple-carb-laden crap we eat, and the evil Restaurant-Association-affiliated purveyors of death that sell it?

    Anyone? Bueller?

  6. Laredo,
    Dude! You have to join the NRA! Regardless of your reasons not to join, the very fact that you are pro-gun means that you have to add your name to the 5 million-plus members of the NRA ! That is why this anti-gun “documentary” went for percentages and not raw numbers. Notice when they talk about firearm tragedies, they always use raw numbers, since the percentage is so low. For example: “x thousand people…” Compares to 120,000,000 as “point oh oh x percent.” See what I mean? Now, even if you have some reservations about NRA, they have been fighting non-stop against the anti- gun forces for many decades — even when nobody else was. NRA is the only reason we have shall- issue concealed carry in all fifty states. Before 1987, that number was in the single digits. So join, already! If you don’t want to get fund- raising phone calls or emails, just don’t provide that info. You can afford 35 bucks a year, and you get your choice of one of three magazines. I recommend “America’s First Freedom.” Just do it!

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