The internet is screaming “how brave” and “you go girl” and all sorts of shit like that.

Lake Highlands is an upper-middle-class community in Dallas, Texas.

It went 65% for Biden in 2020 and 61% for Clinton in 2016.

The national media, pop culture, teachers’ union and, Dallas school board, etc, all are Progressive.

So what did this girl do?

She threw out a speech celebrating her graduating class to give one that is pro-abortion, in front of an audience that is overwhelmingly like-minded, to the thunderous applauds of the like-minded media and pop culture.

This is no different than Progressive artists or comedians insulting Christians but refusing to touch Islam.

It’s safe and easy and poses no personal risk to themselves, and they can applaud and cheer and pretend they are “speaking truth to power” and “standing against oppression.”

This girl had to know, probably was pretty sure in advance, that what she was doing was going to go viral and get her interviews on TV and 15 minutes of fame.  It’s the Greta Thunberg/David Hogg model.  Be a teenager that thrusts yourself into the spotlight on a subject you only have a Buzzfeed infographic level understanding of to the accolades of a media that uses you like Hamas uses a child soldier.

Do you know what would have been brave?

One student walking out saying “fuck this, I wanted to celebrate my high school graduation, not listen to another political speech.”

The Left has done an amazing job convincing itself that despite having total hegemonic control over the music and entertainment industry, professional sports, education and academia, pop culture, big business, and majority control in politics, they are still the scrappy underdogs constantly battling up-hill as the Davids against a Conservative Galiloth.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Progressive bravery isn’t”
  1. The left is comprised of lazy, self centered individuals. Again, just like toddlers. And, this is no different.

    Instead of earning praise for giving an outstanding speech celebrating her classmates, which would not have made her a celebrity, she chose to be “shocking” and go off script, thereby assuring her nationwide praise.

    And, it took no effort whatsoever to do it.

    1. Hey, now, I’m lazy and self-centered, too.

      Difference is, I’ll admit it and work to do better, not try to make it into some kind of virtue.

  2. What would have been “brave” would have been if she’d stood up and gone “I am all for this law, because I ended up getting an abortion and found out later that I was lied to about my baby and had a three-day breakdown when I found out the actual facts about fetal development. I could have done something positive and given my baby up for adoption to a couple that’s been on a year-long waiting list. This law would have saved me a bunch of heartache and guilt.”

    That would have been brave.

    Not that I know anything about that. Or am still bitter nearly 40 years later. Or anything.

  3. I heard a bit of the speech here on the local dfw talk radio. It wasn’t brave. It was stupid and ignorant as well as an insult to her audience.

    The line that got me ranting was that they were taking away her and her future husbands options for when to have a child. Really? As if he’d have a say. And there’s are better methods to do that.

    Back when I was in HS we’d wad up paper and chuck it at her as well as fire off paper airplanes. It’s what we did to our valedictorian when she gave a bitchy speech at a pep rally.

    The law they passed isn’t that bad. How many months do you need to decide you don’t want the kid?

    How about treating your body like a temple and not an amusement park? How about not spreading yer legs for a guy you wouldn’t have a kid with?

    Had that been at my kids graduation I’d have said something.

    And who TF names their daughter “Paxton”

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