This is not sarcasm, this is real.

Too many fictional straight wizards have been quoted for too long.

I wonder if anybody in Clymer’s circle knows that the Democrats had an actual wizard, a Grand Wizard, serving in Congress until he died in 2010.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Progressive priorities in Congress”
  1. “Openly gay,” what an utter load of bullshit.

    Rowling only announced that Dumbledore was gay in October 2007, several months after the final book in the series had been released (and shot straight to the top of all the sales charts) and years after the first five films had come out. Rowling never actually mentions Dumbledore’s romantic life in any of the novels.

    That’s not “open.”

    On behalf of the openly bisexual teenager I once was, during the Nineties and waning days of institutional and cultural norms still being hostile* to homosexuals: Fuck. You. Charlotte. Clymer.

    Under the laws of Britain, Section 2A to the Local Government Act 1986 forbade local authorities from promoting homosexuality, which in practice prevented any books containing sympathetic gay characters from being included in state-funded libraries. This law was only repealed in 2003. Two-Thousand-and-Three. If Rowling had wanted to make Dumbledore “openly gay” the first FIVE books of the series could not have been stocked by libraries… which would have seriously impacted Rowling’s capacity to make Scrooge McDuck sized piles of money.

    Rowling waited until the series was done, the books all had been printed, and she was living in a house made of platinum bricks to drop a note, on Twitter, that “oh, yeah, he was totally gay.”


    * Not as bad as generations before me, to be sure. But this was still the days before Elton John or Ellen Degeneres came out. Gays and lesbians were only seen on tv or film as comic relief and serial killers. HIV/AIDS was still regarded as a “gay cancer.” And so forth. We came a long way before the Nineties, we’ve also come a long way since.

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