Yuh-Line Niou is a New York State Assemblywoman.  She supports bail reform, defunding the police, and every other Progressive soft-on-crime policy that has caused NYC to have a massive violent crime surge.

She was called out for this, i.e., that her progressive policies have lead to this sort of thing becoming commonplace, and her retort is to claim that the people criticizing her are racist and misogynist.

It’s been said that a Conservative is a Liberal who’s been mugged.

If that’s true, I’ll give Liberals credit where credit is due, that at least Liberals can learn from their mistakes.

Progressives will die, or more accurately, cause other people to die, on the hill of never learning the lessons that come from their ideology confronting reality in horrific fashion.

It won’t matter how many elderly Asians are beaten up in her district by people with previous criminal records, Yuh-Line Niou, and her constituents will never say that her policies were wrong, only that the criticisms of her and her policies are racist and sexist.

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By J. Kb

21 thoughts on “Progressives don’t want to fix anything, they just want to play the victim”
  1. Obviously another white privileged klansman committing a hate crime against an Asian woman.

  2. It’s a shame no one will ridicule the thug for being such a pansy he has to sucker punch a petite older woman.

  3. I noticed the scumbag just stood there and watched after committing his crime, and no one bothered to body-slam him to the ground. That in itself is a sign of a region gone bad, possibly irredeemably bad.

    1. Agreed, but then again, someone walking over and punching him into submission might get charged with a ‘hate crime’ themselves.

      1. So in your neighborhood, Toastrider, I can do anything I want, without objections? Oh, this is going to be fun.

        1. In some neighborhoods that’s probably true. In my neighborhood, at a minimum you’d need surgical assistance to remove your teeth from your rectum. Worst case, you’d have to be buried in a hazardous waste dump due to the lead content of your corpse.

          1. Efficiency, NRW, efficiency. Besides, ammo’s still expensive, don’t overdo it. 🙂

            Now, if Ronny wants to be the next test case, right behind Strickland, the McCloskeys, and Rittenhouse, I’ll be happy to contribute to his legal fund.

  4. RonRobot, are you familiar with the concept of cause leading to effect? Perhaps Pkoning is alluding to a cause (attack on physically frail elder) leading to effect (beat down unleashed upon assailant, by neighbors/family)?

    1. Which no one did? What effect are you asking about? I read Toastriders post as “don’t get involved, you might get in trouble.” Research “when they came for the Jews, I didn’t protest, I’m not a Jew.” If everyone allows the Evil free rein, this country is done.

            1. Texas, Toasty, all support is welcome, but I have an attorney on speed dial if needed. Do the research, in my country(Texas), Deadly Force is legal to protect property, much less life and health. You smash my car, I can (has happened all over the state) shoot the perp through the glass, legally. I’m not worried about doing what’s right and moral, like you. If you aren’t willing to stand for what’s right, be happy in your safe place, those are getting more scarcer by the day in fascists states.

              1. But that’s the POINT, Ron.

                This isn’t about right, or moral. It’s about reality.

                And the reality is that this occurred in NYC, not Texas. Where they hate you, and me, and everyone else who thinks the proper response to crime is to make it extremely unpleasant for the perp.

                So yeah. Go to NYC. Centerpunch some lowlife who takes a swing at a little old lady. Morally, yes, you’re in the right.

                You’re still gonna get arrested by deBolshevik’s praetorians.

                1. If you’re willing to live in that reality, not stand up for the weaker among us, won’t move away from Evil,,,,
                  Sad to be y’all, is all I’ve got to say.

                2. And where self defense against the annointed ones is highly ‘illegal’ and the Prosecutor’s Office will dog the self-defender nigh unto, and past, death.

                  That’s part of the issue.

                  First part is that the powers-that-be openly encourage and allow the knockout game by blacks. By not arresting them, or letting them out ROR, or dropping charges, or offering stupidly ridiculously lenient plea deals.

                  All while arresting, prosecuting and adjudicating guilty to the maximum (and often past maximum) penalties possible to anyone who tries to defend themselves against the black attacker.

                  And it’s very much about race and political leaning of the attacker. A white leftist scumbag gets off almost as easily as Dindoo Muffns.

                  That’s what this is about. Those people around the attacker know they are at risk if they say or do anything.

                  Plus, did you notice that Hoodie-Boy is not alone, that there are at least two other hood-rats there?

                  In a sane and just state or location, yes, Hoodie-Boy and his hood-rats would be attacked by the mob or at least get proned down.

                  But NYC isn’t a sane and just location.

                  Think about Austin, TX, or Houston, TX. Do you think that these monsters wouldn’t get away with it there, deep in the heart of the Free State of Texas?

    2. Toast got the point. My observation, not clearly expressed I suppose, is that this took place in a neighborhood where either culture or local law cause criminals to be able to do their thing unchallenged. In a civilized location, the crime most likely wouldn’t have happened in the first place — but if it had, the perp would have been tackled into the pavement by the first five bystanders, and sat on until the police hauled his sorry ass away to jail and an attempted murder charge.

      1. Exactly.

        What SHOULD have happened is that this thug should’ve been, as you say, knocked down and sat on till the garda arrive and tote him off to the cross bar hotel. Or just ventilated by someone with a .44 Magnum. I’m not picky.

        But because it’s New Yawk City, everyone knows that if you fight back, you get hammered down by the PTB. Defend yourself? Hate crime. Doubleplusungood wrongthink.

  5. “Progressives will die, or more accurately, cause other people to die, on the hill of never learning the lessons that come from their ideology confronting reality in horrific fashion.

    Once again we are all reminded that progressives are just toddlers in adult bodies. Convinced, without justification that their ideals are above scrutiny and if everyone would just do it their way, the world would be perfect.

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