Proving that Fake News & Ignorant Journalists are not Exclusive to the USA…

From Informativos Telecinco, a Spanish TV Channel, via Asociación Nacional del Arma de España – ANARMA. The translation is:

 This is the rifle with which Manuel Murillo Sánchez wanted to kill the president


Apparently the Spanish Media and politicians had the arrested guy categorized as a sniper ready to kill the President from miles away with a Skorpion machine pistol.

Not even Bob Lee Swagger could pull that one off.

PS: The Skorpion is still on my wanted list. I just like the looks of the useless little thing. Well, if it goes bang, it is not useless.

UPDATE:  Link to the alleged arsenal of the alleged frustrated sniper.

5 Replies to “Proving that Fake News & Ignorant Journalists are not Exclusive to the USA…”

  1. I get a little tired with the meme that anyone who shoots people from more than 50 yards away, must be a military trained “Sniper” and use some kind of magic, super duper rifle with laser powered telescopic sights. Obviously they have never seen what a hunter can do with on old 03A3 with iron sights at 200 or so yards.

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