From Standard Form 86 – Questionnaire for National Security Positions

Question 29.1: Are you now or have you EVER been a member of an organization dedicated to terrorism, wither with an awareness fo the organization’s dedication to that end, or with the specific intent to further such activities?

So if the Democrats do at the national level what they did in San Francisco, how will that affect every NRA member who has or is trying to get a security clearance, and do they know how many security contractors are NRA members?

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Question about San Francisco, the Democrats, and the NRA:”
  1. I still say that all five million NRA members (and the half again as many of us who aren’t paid up on our memberships for whatever reason but consider ourselves members in spirit) should all descend on San Francisco’s police department main office en masse to “turn ourselves in.”

    The anniversary of Lexington and Concord seems like a fitting date.

    Malicious compliance is the most fun form of protest.

  2. Answer: no
    Question: What about the NRA?
    Answer: The NRA is not a terrorist organization.
    Question: But the San Francisco City Council says they are.
    Answer: Listen to yourself.

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