One of the things that I hate about politics is that it is so easy to bitch bout a problem, but politicians are rarely held accountable for coming up with a solution.

Then, when politicians rush to come up with a solution, it is bad.

So right now the Democrats are caterwauling about how ICE is the gestapo and Trump is Hitler and separating families and detaining children is a Nazi tactic.

So I am going to propose a very realistic scenario and I want to know what the policy will be under any proposed changes.


Here we have Juan.  Juan is an illegal immigrant from rural Mexico.

Juan got drunk and drove, without a license or insurance.  We know that while drunk driving in Mexico is illegal, there is a strong cultural trend towards it and the Mexican government has had to put a lot of effort into curing it in major cities.  The fact is, illegal immigrants from Mexico have one of the highest rates of DUI.  It is a problem plaguing America’s roads.

Juan hits a car while drunk.  He’s arrested, convicted, and then deported.

Juan comes back.

This is not a far fetched scenario, this is very similar to what happened with the illegal immigrant who killed Indianapolis Colts player Edwin Jackson.  He was deported multiple times for DUI.

Illegal reentry to the United States after deportation is a felony.

Back to Juan, who is trying to re-enter the United States.  Juan now has his 5 year old daughter or niece with him.

Now what?

I hear “the Nazis separated families!”  But Juan here is going to be arrested for felony reentry after criminal deportation.  He’s going to go to jail.  He may even have other outstanding warrants for his arrest.

As soon as Border Patrol puts Juan in handcuffs what happens?

The way I see it, there are only three real options:

1) They are separated when Juan is arrested and put in jail.

This violates the “no separation” I keep hearing.

2) Juan and the child are detained together until Juan goes to prison.

This violates the “only Nazis detain children” that I keep hearing.

3) Juan is released with his child.

This violates none of the caterwauling but means that any criminal can enter the US with a “get out of jail free” card in the form of a child they claim to be the parent or guardian of.

It seems to me that the Left wants option number three, which is the least acceptable of them all.  If that is not what they really want, than they need to come up with a realistic forth option.

What I have a real problem with is that nobody in the media has proposed this scenario to a single member of the legislature and demanded an answer.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Question about the child detainment policy”
  1. Here’s my preference, given the totality of the circumstances.

    One of Juan’s hands and one of his feet are removed – with anesthesia – and properly bandaged etc. Now much harder for him to drive drunk or illegally cross a border.

    Juan and child are taken to the border and handed to the guards on the other side. He is no longer our problem.

    If he comes back again he’s shot. Child again dropped off, not our responsibility.

  2. They explicitly want Juan released. Or, rather, never arrested to begin with. Their “bill” for this made “catch and release” the policy everywhere within 100 miles of the border — which means all of Florida, for example. Then, I believe Pelosi called for a “halt” to all enforcement of immigration laws.

    Because they hate citizens and legal immigrants, apparently.

  3. The left does not really want option #3.
    But that is the option that will demonstrate that they can push the right around all they want.

    This is not about children, or even about immigrants. It is about making the right look bad. Then, laughing as the right side of the political aisle caves to their wishes once again.

    Frankly, if Pelosi or Schumer were to run for President in 2020, in order to guarantee 100% of the liberal vote their campaign slogan should be “I made Trump dance to my will whenever I wanted him to.”

  4. It seems to me that the Left wants option number three, which is the least acceptable of them all.

    Look no farther than the video you had the other day on the people attacking DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in the restaurant. After the “shame … shame”, they’re chanting “no borders, no walls”. It’s the communist wet dream of one world government (run by them, of course) with no place to escape to.

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