Question for Dr. Ford

I’ve been thinking about the testimony of Dr. Ford against Judge Kavanaugh that is going to happen next week.

If I were a Senator and got one question to ask Dr. Ford, what would it be.

Here is what I’ve come to:

“Dr. Ford.  In previous statements you have made about your alleged assault, you named three potential witnesses in addition to Judge Kavanaugh, Mr. Mark Judge, Mr. Partick Smyth, and Ms. Leland Keyser.  All four have either denied that the assault took place or denied seeing you at a party with Judge Kavanaugh.  Those denials were in the form of sworn statements to this committee.  

Let me remind you that lying to the Senate is a felony.  

I am going to make you a one time only offer of immunity from perjury and ask Judge Kavanaugh not to bring suit against you for slander.  It’s good for this question and this question only.

Did you fabricate this story or is the accusation against Judge Kavanaugh in any way false?”

Personally, I think she’s too far down the rabbit hole.  She has no way to back out without totally destroying herself.

If someone offered her a way out with minimal repercussions, I think she might take it.

5 Replies to “Question for Dr. Ford”

    1. If she refuses to be sworn in, Grassley better do his job, tell her either she takes the oath or leaves RFN and after she does, take the committee vote.

  1. Perhaps someone should send here this article to read befire she appears to testify,

    “Former West Point cadet Susan Shannon took to her blog in 2013 to recount the story of being raped by a fellow cadet in 1986 while at the military academy.

    Her accusation came amid a storm of press coverage about the prominence of sexual assault in the military, and it led to a criminal investigation and the end of the fellow cadet’s Army career.

    The problem, a Virginia court found on Aug. 1, is that it wasn’t true, and in naming the colonel whom she claimed raped her, she defamed him to the tune of $8.4 million, the Associated Press reported Aug. 11”

  2. This won’t be a popular opinion, but it’s worth pointing out none the less, but if you want to prove perjury you’ll quickly find corroboration is a two way street. At which point the question loses its punch, because she can safely stand strong.

  3. You need to forward this article to Sen. Grassley, and every republican on that committee before Thursday. Someone needs to make this offer happen!

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