I lost the effing link, but what has come out now is that he passed the background checks for the FOID and the Concealed Carry License. But what bounced him was the FBI’s Fingerprint check that tagged him as a felon.

So I have to retract the possibility of somebody at ISP not giving a shit about the first BG check and may have to re-orient to say that the gun control model on how guns should be doles to the little people has a rally shitty felon database.

Now, do not forget that Gun Control raise a storm of complains when t was found out that Florida had troubles with its CWP checks even though they were found, fixed, CWPs invalidated and the people responsible punished  before the outrage and all in a matter of a few months. The Illinois State Police screw up was let to rot for four years and eventually killed 5 people outright.

PS: If anybody has the link, please post it below.

Reader RD found the link in Second City Cop Blog.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

8 thoughts on “Quick Update on the Aurora Il Shooter and his background checks. (Update the Update)”
  1. Don’t forget that when they did flag him, He had marked ‘not a felon’ on his FOID, 4473, and CCW forms which is 3 additional felonies right there. They sent a letter asking him to turn his gun in.

    1. The sent a letter, and then failed to follow up. On a self-confessed felon-in-possession.

      That should have been an easy one. But nobody followed up, and a dangerous person was allowed to keep his illegally-owned gun.

      Why does Illinois have all these fancy gun laws if they’re not going to enforce them?

  2. So for now, I was quite possibly right that it was Mississippi’s screw up, not putting the info into the right database.

  3. The finger print check when he applied for a ccw permit found the old felony conviction and the illinois state police revolked his foid card. The process is to send a letter and tell them to turn in their guns and send in the foid card, I can see convicted felons lining up to turn guns in. No explanation on why the foid background check missed the conviction. I think fingerprints for a ccw is not a requirement it just speeds up the process, not positive on that part. If he still had the card he could purchase ammo, go to a gun range just not purchase another gun.

    Sounds like fingerprints will soon be required for a foid card and the cops will come get your card and guns.

  4. The local news people talking about this are … interesting. They get SO CLOSE to seeing the totality of circumstances (read: totality of government failures) but refuse to acknowledge it.

    Reporting goes like this:
    – Shooter was a disgruntled employee about to be fired.
    – Opened fire at the meeting, killing five.
    – Ambushed responding police before eventually being killed in the ensuing gunfight.
    – Purchased gun “legally” (not really*) and registered to the killer.
    – He had a valid FOID card.
    – Felony conviction from Mississippi brought to light when he applied for concealed carry license.

    That’s where it stops. They don’t finish the thought: What happened (or more to the point, didn’t happen) when authorities learned of his felony conviction and had a self-confessed felon-in-possession on their hands.

    (Oh, yeah, and the company has a “gun free zone” sign on their front door. That never gets mentioned, either.)

    It should have been an easy slam-dunk prosecution. Get a warrant based on his own paperwork, arrest him (for felon-in-possession, lying on forms, etc.), and charge/convict/sentence. All of that should have happened in 2014. Instead they sent a letter and — as another instance in an increasingly common pattern — never followed up.

    The Mississippi government may or may not have reported him correctly, but Illinois State Police dropped the ball, too. Several times.

    But you just KNOW it’s going to be used to demand more gun laws. Because when you have a bad guy who already broke damn near every gun law on the books, the problem is there aren’t enough.

    * – Even (illegitimately) holding a FOID card, it is a federal crime to knowingly provide incorrect information on the ATF 4473 form. The guy checked the box indicating that he had no felony history, but that was a lie. That ISP failed to catch it doesn’t mean anything. The gun dealer had no way of knowing it and isn’t criminally liable, but it was an ILLEGAL purchase as soon as the guy lied on the forms.

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