It would appear that 2016 is unfolding as a year of innovation. Take, for example, Ruger’s new Switcheroo – Buckaroo, or the “Swuck” as it is already popularly called. The Swuck is the first Roto-Barrel, Dual Caliber, Multi Engagement Revolver to hit the market. Primarily a hunting revolver, the Swuck’s cylinder can hold a combination of three 357 Magnum and three 22 LR rimfire cartridges which allows the hunter to switch between a round suitable for hogs and deer to one more suitable for harvesting small game for the stew pot.

Source: Real Guns – New for 2016 Ruger’s Switcheroo – Buckaroo

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By Miguel.GFZ

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13 thoughts on “Real Guns – New for 2016 Ruger’s Switcheroo – Buckaroo.”
      1. I read about half of it and lost interest in digesting the “witticisms”.

        To aim of course! is why the bottom barrel would have a sight.

      2. The bottom barrel has a sight because the barrel pair rotates to bring the desired barrel to the top. The gun always shoots out the top barrel, so both sights are necessary. That’s assuming that this monstrosity isn’t satire.

        1. Why do I keep telling you guys? Read the original source…always.

          According to Ruger’s Benny Hill, Executive Director of New Things That Are Hard To Explain and Purveyor of Memorable Catch Phrases, Ruger marketing is taking a very conservative approach when representing the Swuck’s capabilities. However, under this interviewer’s probative pressures, and with Hill fresh from the Democrat Presidential Debates, he did state that the Swuck would: “…significantly reduce global warming, bring peace in our time, pay all college tuition, set a national minimum wage of $100/hour, and make the top 1% income bracket capitalist pigs pick up the tab for everyone else”.

  1. …” introduced Ruger feature, Bore Self-Actualization. The rifling is a regressive R+ type, with planner flats and radial scrugs. At mid barrel, just when the bullet thinks it is settled in, the rifling reverses direction, causes the bullet to pause, reflect and shake off its complacency before taking off like a coyote that sat on an ant hill”

    Engineering madness. I must have one.

  2. Okay, assuming this is real, you had better be damn sure the barrels are properly rotated to the indexed caliber. A .22 through the .357 barrel is no big deal, but if you accidentally try to shove a .357 through the .22 barrel, you’ll have a ruined gun, and likely some bad injuries.

    Nope! I’ll carry two guns if I think having the different calibers is necessary. There’s too much room for mistakes with this thing.

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