Hoda Muthana, 24, left her home in Alabama in November 2014 and lived under ISIS control until she escaped to a Kurdish refugee camp six weeks ago, she told the Guardian on Sunday. BuzzFeed News exclusively profiled her after she arrived in ISIS-controlled territory in 2015.

She has an 18-month-old son, Adam, born during her second of three marriages to ISIS fighters. Hoda herself was born in New Jersey and has lived her entire life in the US.

Trump Doesn’t Want A Woman Who Left The US For ISIS To Return. Her Lawyers Say She’s A Citizen

She was an adult, she left on purpose to join the enemy of the Country, so I have zero pity for the sheep substitute. However, she did remind me of this BBC sketch.

The BBC had his original version removed since apparently some butts were irritated and called it racist and insensitive. To have this one still up, is pure luck. Enjoy!

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By Miguel.GFZ

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6 thoughts on “(Real) Real Wife of ISIS wants to return to the US.”
  1. Fine, let her back in. She gets tried for treason. Her and that John Walker Lindh guy who tried to join the Taliban after 9/11 can be prison penpals. Not sure what to do with the kid, though. He’s still young enough that his mind hasn’t been poisoned by his mother.

  2. Did she renounce her citizenship when she left?

    If yes, then she has no right to come back. If no then charge her for, um, giving aid and comfort to the enemy when she returns.

    As for the kid … I’m thinking foster system. If raised by relatives I’ll lay good odds he winds up radicalizing (based on observational evidence) and no good for anyone would come from that.

    But she really was old enough to have known better (or at least to have known to do some real investigation before making such a momentous decision), and frankly the world doesn’t always offer do-overs.

  3. Apart from the “child of a diplomat” thing, there is the law that says a US citizen loses his citizenship when joining the armed forces of a foreign nation. Since ISIS claimed to be a nation, that clearly applies here.

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