Really Mr. Murphy?

From a sitting United States Senator

I’m going to double down on what Miguel said.

Is there ANYONE in the gun community that honestly doesn’t believe that if the Democrats thought that they could use a national emergency to ban and/or confiscate guns, they would not have done it already?

Is there ANYONE who really believes that  President Pen-and-a-Phone didn’t  EO the confiscation of assault rifles after Sandy Hook out the the kindness of his heart or respect for the Second Amendment?

I’m not saying this to justify using a national emergency to fund the wall, I want no whataoutism here.

I just think the “if you do this for the wall, we’ll do this to guns” is a bunch of horseshit.

They would do it to guns in a heartbeat if they thought for one second they could get away with it.

Look how quickly CA become a sanctuary state.

It the California legislature thought they could get away with passing a law that required 100% of the guns in CA to be turned in and destroyed, it would be passed in record time.

The “If” and quid pro quo in Senator Murphy’s Tweet is pointless.

It’s not beneficence to gun owners that keeps Democrats from banning assault weapons as a national emergency.  It’s that they don’t think they successfully pull it off and hold on to power.

It’s simply a matter of time until they try it, and when they do, it will have nothing to do with Trump’s wall.

4 Replies to “Really Mr. Murphy?”

  1. Something that’s pissing me off with the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) is how they gloss over the tremendous amount of legalese involved in national emergencies.

    So there’s the actual national emergency act of 1976

    Then the explicit authorization for what Trump is specifically doing

    Instead they want to pretend none of that exists.

    What’s more is that they want to pretend this doesn’t exist…
    …of course that’s if we’re being charitable. If we’re not going to be charitable, and they know that’s all off the table, then what they’re actually talking about is suspending habeas corpus. So…. civil war 2.0

  2. Back a bit ago when nj passed the mag ban, people immediately started the “they gonna go door to door and take yer shit” i did some quick math- 3 million n something buildings in nj. Yes not all are homes. Times 2 guys(just for a number) x a half hour per building(another number) it would take about 860 YEARS!!! to search new jersey. Good luck with that. And yes if an emergency order would work Klinton wuda dund it. Nuff said

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