Reason #2,945 why Journalism is not respected.

These are people who had no problem mocking people losing blue-collar jobs, publishing fake stories and creating false narratives to destroy the lives and reputation of people and even disrupt elections, but need a shield to protect them from three words?

I swear they need to wear hats if it is snowing outside. A single flake may go through their skulls and wound them.


5 Replies to “Reason #2,945 why Journalism is not respected.”

  1. So, were I to tweet, “All you jackwits should follow your jobs to Bagwanistan”, THAT wouldn’t be “targeted harassment of individuals”, because I wish all them fools would emigrate to Greater Shitholistan, now, would it? Right?

  2. Waitaminute … I don’t want people with no conception of logic and causality writing the code that runs my coffee machine, let alone something that could impact my health (fridge) or maybe get me killed if it doesn’t work right (cell phone, car, etc.)

    How about maybe “learn to use earthmovers” and hope they just dig where and what they’re told…

    1. Good point, Boris. But a lot of “professionals” currently in the business suffer from the same problem. Why do you think applications crash so much? When design isn’t valued and “hack it till it stops crashing” is the methodology of choice, things don’t work very well.
      Safety critical system designers usually know better. But not always; consider the cars that had the sound system and the engine controls on the same infrastructure, and the sound system was hackable because it was designed by people without quality skills. So the critical parts were also hackable.
      Then there are those who think that Windows is a suitable platform for avionics devices. A friend of mine was offered a job as such a company (which he turned down when he realized what was going on).

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