That’s reasonable doubt from the mouth of an expert.

I don’t see how a jury not intimidated by the mob could vote to convict.

If the jurors adhere to their ethical duty to only consider the facts of the trial, Chauvin will probably walk.

Then Minneapolis will burn in a pyre of media and politician fueled aggrievement and hate that will be visible from space.

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By J. Kb

17 thoughts on “Reasonable doubt has been established, Minneapolis will burn”
  1. It seemed destined to burn regardless. Unless Chauvin confesses publicly and draws and quarters himself live on TV, some sort of mostly peaceful riots are gonna happen. Downer.

    1. Much like crucifying yourself, drawing and quartering yourself is quite difficult. I imagine no one has ever made it as far as the quartering part.

  2. Scenario #1: jury exonerates him, city burns with mostly peaceful fires that will make the allied bombing of Dresden look like a calm picnic
    Scenario #2: the jury finds him guilty, and the city burns with those same fires… But the protestors are happy* rather than angry.

    *such people are categorically never happy, though they may outwardly appear as such

    Any third scenario that I’ve missed?

    1. “Any third scenario that I’ve missed?”
      Well… SMOD could put in an appearance. Or the stars could be right, and Cthulhu could devour the world before the riots can gets started. Joe could press the red button just for fun. Lots of things could happen! Heck, maybe the Vogon Constructor Fleet will show up!

      1. Alternatively, the police chief could grow a pair of cajones and shut down riots, no matter the outcome of the trial.

        I think Cthulhu showing up is more likely.

      2. At this rate, I’d trade the looters, joggers, and commies for a marathon reading of the finest Vogon poetry. In memory of Mr. Adams, we’ll hold it in Belgium, assuming that the Vogons aren’t offended by that most offensive of words.

        Personally, I’m holding out for Nyarlathotep.

    2. Pretty much what I’ve been saying. Minneapolis is gonna burn. If Chauvin is found guilty, the mob will burn the city in outrage. If Chauvin is found not guilty (or there is a mistrial, in which the jury can’t unanimously agree one way or the other), the mob will burn the city in celebration.

      Either way, the city will burn.

      (As an aside, has anyone heard of we who support Derek Chauvin being referred to as … “Chauvinists”? Or did you read it here first? I mean, I thought it was an obvious word-play, but…. 😉 )

    3. @Mussorgsky112:

      “Any third scenario that I’ve missed?”

      We enter a time loop and Thanos snaps the gauntlet fingers again.

  3. 3rd scenario-In a perfect world the judge and jury foreman would announce a guilty verdict and hustle him out the back door straight to a new identity and life. Later they show his “execution “ live….. this persecution of cops gotta stop. OR Americans say screw it and get rid of ALL law enforcement and self police, ya know, like the old days…..
    4th scenario- rioters show up and get mowed down by pissed off business owners with M240 saws and flame throwers….

    1. @Curby
      No. Appeasement has a rich and colorful history of never smegging working. That’s why they want reparations – not because they feel wronged but because they want that sweet Danegeld. What they weren’t expecting was that the Saxon would start to hate.

      1. It’s no accident that the first Saxon king to pay the Danegeld received the nickname “the ill-advised”.`

    2. The end game of “ending policing” is the elimination of local, county, city, and state law enforcement in favor of a national organization as competent, diligent, and neutral as the FBI.

      Which will be largely formed by the officers of local, county, city, and state law enforcement organizations — excepting the elected sheriffs and any rank-and-file who show the wrong tendencies.

      1. Don’t forget that the policy would be to move the Federal Police around to different areas, as not to build any personal attachments or links to the community they are supposed to be policing.
        Expect police lines and barracks to make a comeback as well.

  4. MN Governor Walz and his clueless clowns have actually, Believe It or Not!, Learned something.

    They are no longer waiting for four nights of looting and burning before bringing in the National Guard like in May 2020.

    There were 3,000 NG in Brooklyn Center Wednesday Night. They are actually arresting protesters. They actually used the planning and plans they have set up for the Derek Chauvin Trial.

    They may loot and riot after the trial, but this time they won’t overrun a police precinct house.

  5. In all fairness I havent been following the day to day super but IDk if id call the testimony of one enough for reasonable doubt by itself. Thats the point of paying an expert, to testify favorably for you. Im sure the other side has had experts say the opposite.

    But then again I doubt id ever sit on a jury because I know that and would ask about nullification ASAP to get out of it….

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