I pray my friend’s son will rest in peace. We need a Mothers Movement not that different from Mothers Against Drunk Driving. To join, email camorris58@yahoo.com.We need to take a stand and charge those around us with helping to stop this murderous madness, this epidemic of senseless killings, this civil war.

Source: Moms can get to the heart of the violence | Miami Herald Miami Herald

Those are the closing lines of an op-ed in the Miami Herald by Carmen Morris. From I could gather in the internet, she is not your usual rabid anti gunner nor is she associated with any of the Usual Suspects. In fact, she seems to be a really caring person but like many others, either willfully or culturally blind to the issue of violence.

The Op ed did not start bad at all:

In Miami-Dade County alone, in what I call the civil war in the black community, gun violence has crippled families in unfathomable numbers. This is not police killing our black sons, this is blacks killing other blacks, almost like Cain and Abel.

While work needs to be done on the problem of police executions, we cannot turn a blind eye to our community’s internal gun violence. I believe we need a Mother’s Movement, which, like the civil-rights movement, must strategically launch an attack on that which violates the rights of our sons and daughters to live in safety

But soon enough, she takes the easy way out and goes after guns and the tired old lines we keep seeing coming from the Gun Control side:


Senseless violence of this epidemic proportion poses a health hazard to all of us. Our elected officials must know that we are in a state of emergency. Just as cigarette companies have been held accountable for peddling death by tobacco, so must gun manufacturers and dealers be held accountable. We need laws to prevent such flagrant access to guns.

I find myself amazed that people who are highly educated and caring about the destiny of their fellow human beings, are so easy to resort to lying slogans. Again, Is it a cultural or political blindness Ms. Morris? Are the gun so charged with inherent evil that the mere possession makes the owner a killer ready to settle scores, real or imaginary, with bullets? Because if that is so, then I need you to explain to us why the same “flagrant access to guns” do not produce the same “civil war” among other races or cultures. Why? Please enlighten us.

And please, stop using Mother Against Drunk Drivers as model to follow, you are only trying to capitalize on their success without really looking on what they did. Here is my comment on the op-ed page:

Except that MADD never targeted the liquor companies (History had already proved the futility on that) nor they went after car manufacturers: They went after the violators, the drunk drivers.
Perhaps targeting the criminal element that is killing young black men like a plague is the answer you are not looking for.

Perhaps it is time to clean your house and to stop rewarding criminal behavior in your community.  Yes, every time you blame gun companies, you are telling those who are killing your own that they are not at fault.

Face the Piper.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “Refusing to tackle dirt in your house.”
  1. Well, yes, we need to hold guns and those that manufacture, distribute, and sell them responsible because if we do not we are left with holding ourselves accountable for the behavior that is going on.

    We all know that regardless of race, gender (can’t say “sex” any more), ethnicity, political, or socioeconomic status it has to be someone else’s fault. Because if it was our fault we’d have to get up off the couch and go to where our children (adult or minor) are, grab them by one of nature’s built-in handles, and “explain” to them that what they are doing is not acceptable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijAkvDTn0Vg

    Thank goodness progressive education and progressive politics keeps us from having to do that. [/sarcasm ? you decide]

    stay safe.

  2. Sadly, that is the LAST thing they are willing to do… It’s too hard, it’s easier to blame someone/something else for their own failings.

  3. Most of the people committing the crimes are already criminals. How about electing county attorneys that are truly tough on crime. Instead of these limp wristed liberal asshat we have now. Commit a crime with a gun, go to jail, period. Lock they turds in a cage and give them a choice, learn to play well with others or sit there until you die.

    But the prisons are full of idiot kids that got caught with a little bit of weed because, WAR ON DRUGS. A war that was lost 2 days after they started it. If I was of the urge, I can sit right here, make a phone call and have more pot than I could smoke in a week. Yet we’ve spent billions on the war, for what. So we could lock up little dumb Johnny because he had a couple joints in his pocket with intentions of getting little Suzy Rottencrotch to give up some. If we got all of these people out of the prisons, we would have room for the ones that truly need to be there. Instead, we have a prison full of dopers that have hurt no one while murderers, rapists and robbers walk the streets looking for their next victim.

  4. As far as I know MADD played a role in getting consumption of alcohol at age 18 laws removed in CT. I can guarantee that had virtually 0 net effect on drunk driving or underage drunk driving.

  5. “Except that MADD never targeted the liquor companies (History had already proved the futility on that) nor they went after car manufacturers: They went after the violators, the drunk drivers. Perhaps targeting the criminal element that is killing young black men like a plague is the answer you are not looking for.”

    That is the best analogy that I have ever seen. It is the perfect answer for those who insist that “gun violence” is a medical problem, or that further restrictions on access to guns is the solution.

  6. CRIMINALS…that use any weapon….ARE the problem… your group is misinformed or have an agenda paid for by …bloomberg , maybe….imho

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