A Congressional intern saw President Trump in the Rotunda and decided to #Resist by yelling “fuck you” at him.

Because half the nation has come down with collective insanity, the response from the #Resistance has been jubilant.


Shannon Watts – who I believe is going to run for CO Senate in 2020 – thought this was brilliant.

No more “go high, go low” they just want to scream curse words nonsensically.  That’s all they have left.

Here is the problem.

I believe in debate.  I want to discuss things rationally.  If you stop listening and all you do is scream “fuck you” in my face than the debate is over.  There is nothing more that can be accomplished.

Civility has ended.

At that point there are only two choices, walk away or stop being civil.  That defaults to the law of club and fang.

This is the modus operandi of Antifa, scream curse words and beat people.

Just wait until that becomes the debate on the Hill.

It happened once before, in 1856 when Representative Preston Brooks beat  Senator Charles Sumner in the Capitol Building with a gutta percha cane over abolition.

Four years later the shooting began.

This is the path that we are going down when one side things that a Congressional intern cursing at the President in the Capitol is not detestable but praiseworthy.

There is little left to debate and arguments will be settled with beatings.

Then the shooting begins.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Remember they love Che too”
    1. If he loses, the left will be demanding “an accounting”, so it won’t be much better.

  1. Doxxing is horrible, it ruins people’s lives, and I would not wish it on anyone.


    This intern needs to be identified, and whatever congressman/senator they work for needs to be informed of the EXTREMELY unprofessional behavior of their staff. Even someone as anti-Trump as Maxie Waters would have that intern removed from the building.

    Not doxxed, not chased back to their home, etc… Fired from their position as intern. And, fired for reason, not because of personal opinion, but because of behavior that reflects poorly on the US Government.

    I do not care who you are, when you work in the US Capital, work for the US Congress, you need to maintain a decorum, a professionalism. This applies to the elected officials, their paid staff, their interns, the janitors, the guy selling coffee, everyone. This type of outburst needs to be squashed, immediately.

  2. Remember the multi-day national crisis when a republican staffer said something on Facebook about one of the obama girls? Or the one when a congressman called Obama a liar because he was in the middle of lying about something?

    1. None of those examples are acceptable, because it was someone on the right side of the political aisle saying something about someone on the left.

      On the other hand, the people on the right deserve to be ridiculed, and no amount of hatred and disdain is sufficient. Therefore, when a leftist shouts out “F-you” to the sitting President, it is justified.

  3. 1- where was all the “outrage” in the late 90s, the obammy circuses???
    2- anyone who works in the real world know that if you did this at work to a boss, you would be FIRED.
    3- turn off msnbc, cnn, the view ect ect.
    4- Im tired and have no idea where the heck I was goin with this..

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