Remember that in colleges, and some high schools, across the country, there are Lavander or Rainbow graduation ceremonies just for LGBT students.

The Left celebrates that.

So which side is promoting LGBT segregation?

Hint, the same side that promoted every other fotm of segregation and not the one the President is attacking.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Remind me again which side promotes segregation”
  1. A: the same party which in earlier time had a terrorist division, known as the KKK ?

    1. Actually, they still have a terrorist division, but the name has changed. It’s now called “Antifa”.

  2. It is about “intent.”
    When the leftists segregate according to physical features it is because they are “celebrating” the diversity. If a conservative does the same thing, it is because of fear of the physical feature. Intent.
    Actual reasons, causes, and outcomes are irrelevant. When they demand that a “victim” be allowed into a group that does not want them, they are setting everyone up for failure. But, their intent is good.
    Whereas, if a Conservative says “let them do what they want to do, and if a group does not want you to join, why force the issue?” their intent is obvious racist/discriminatory/evil.

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