Adam Kinzinger is a piece of shit.

He was one of the more ardent anti-Trump Republicans.

After the 2020 census, his district was slated to be eliminated for 2022 by the Illinois Democrat Machine.  In a last ditch effort to save his sorry ass, he has given himself over to the Left.

Apparently that now includes Leftist antisemitism.

This is what he decided to Tweey in his hawkishness on Ukraine.


That’s only a pretty significant threat to Israel.

To be fair to Israel, Israel has opened its doors to Ukrainian Jews claiming right of return as well as temporary shelter to non-Jewish Ukrainian refugees.

So why would Israel not support Ukraine more fully.

Anyone with any basic understanding of the Middle East would get it.

The Russians are supporting the Syrian government in the Syrian civil war.

The Russians are deeply embedded in Iran.

Israel is wedged between Syria and Iran and both Muslim nations have declared war on Israel in the past.

If Israel were to openly support Ukraine militarily, the likelihood that Russia would use Syria and/or Iran to attack Israel by proxy becomes absolute.

It’s in Israel’s security interest to only provide humanitarian aid and refugee assistance.

Kinzinger should understand this but he’s a dipshit hawk who stoked anti-Israel taking points, e.g., Israel takes our money but doesn’t support us.

He doubled down.


Oh yes, more anti-Israel conspiracy bullshit, e.g., Israel is the untouchable, unquestionable third rail of American politics (because the Jews control America is the implied and sometimes stated reason).



No, this us not WWII, and treating it this way will insure it becomes WWIII.

Not everyone needs to pick a side then line up to fight and die on that side.

I severely doubt Israel feels like being friendly to Russia, a nation that supports Israel’s enemies and votes against it in the UN.

Israel most likely doesn’t want to take up arms against Russia for the sane reason I don’t want America to take up arms against Russia: the potential for a high casualty war, possibly involving nuclear weapons.

But this is Kinzinger’s asshole position, you either go to war with Russia or you support Russia.

It’s a ridiculously shallow and stupid position to take and slathering a layer of anti-Israel bullshit on top of it is even worse.

Kinzinger is a Lt Col with the Air National Guard.  If he wanted to be anything but a loudmouth fuck-head he could go to Ukraine and pilot a jet against Russian aircraft as a private citizen.

But he won’t.  He’ll get a job as the token “good Republican” on some news network to demand everyone else due fighting the Russians while he cashes out.

Fuck him.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Republican reject Adam Kinzinger decided to stoke antisemitism on his way out”
  1. The real question is why should our tax money be given to any foreign country? We have enough problems at home. We should help our own before worrying about other nations

    1. Supposedly we give countries money and they do bidding towards our interest in return. We should be giving out a lot less, spend it here as you say. I can see giving money to Ukraine to counter Russia – even though they (Russia) aren’t doing very well, I don’t think their aspirations stop with Ukraine. Outspending them is how we have always beat them. The money congress approved to back Ukraine was debated and approved in like 24 hours with a majority vote. And to your point, we could have finished the border wall many times over with the billions we sent to Ukraine. Dems would have blocked or filibustered that bill, and its for OUR safety and security

  2. Let Israel build a planned natural gas pipeline to Europe and sell its gas to an energy poor Europe. We will not need to subsidize Israel’s defense. You will likely see a substantial decrease in European Anti-Semitism too.
    In case you don’t know, F. Joe Biden is blocking that Israeli pipeline, just like he blocked the Keystone XL pipeline here at home. The one, single pipeline F. Joe Biden has taken steps to approve? Nordstream 2, where he removed the sanctions President Trump put on Nordstream 2.
    Who is the Russian Stooge? When even 40% of Democrats say they know that Trump would have prevented the Russian Invasion of Ukraine like he already did for 4 long years, you know who is the Russian Stooge.

  3. Ukraine is letting the mask slip:
    Is it everyone in Ukraine? No. Is Russia better than this? I do not know. I know Lenin and Stalin were worse, but they are dead and buried long ago. Zelensky and his government need to slap this hateful, counterproductive crap down HARD!
    I am afraid we will hear of horrific acts after (if?) Mariupol falls to the Russians. The Azov Battalion is defending Mariupol. There are already stories of Ukrainians in Mariupol being kidnapped and shipped to Siberia.
    Pray for the innocents.

  4. I would feel better about all of this IF Ukraine was “cleaner” than Russia in the larger picture. Ukraine has voted against Israel routinely for several years, generally in lock step with Hezbollah. Ukraine has been shelling the people of the Donbas region for the past eight years. I do NOT support what Putin and Russia are doing, but Ukraine is not blameless or even “right” all of the time.

    1. RE: Donbas:

      I have good friends who have family in the Donbas area. What they told me is that what the U.S. media is saying about the conditions there — and any blame directed toward Russia for it — is a pile of crap.

      From the sound of it, Donbas has been without reliable electrical power or wired internet connectivity (cell network still sort-of works) for several years, and recently had their natural gas lines shut off.

      During winter.

      IOW, it’s almost literally a third-world area of Ukraine, for no other reason than because the government decrees it so. There are no infrastructural problems or geographical obstacles that make it harder to provide power and internet in Donbas than anywhere else; in fact, the lines are already there and were working until government said “No” and shut it down.

      And just so we’re clear, it’s the Zelensky administration who did that … to their own people, well before Russia invaded.

      Blaming Russia for that is like taking the cue from Gropey Joe and blaming Putin’s invasion on the rising fuel prices … that were already rising for weeks before Putin ever invaded.

  5. Has Kinzinger published a similar scree against India? If not, then his motives are definitely in question. If yes, then he could plausible argue that he’s applying a consistent standard — though the counter-argument is that it doesn’t make allowance for conditions on the ground, as J argued.

  6. Kinzinger is demanding that Israel go to war with Russia, Syria, and Iran in order to defend Ukraine… But, I’ve just checked the congressional record, he hasn’t introduced a bill to have the United States declare war against Russia or any other goddamn thing to “pick a side.”

    The most recent bill that Kinzinger introduced was H.R. 6309 on 16 December 2021.

    Put up or shut up, Congressman.

    Let’s send the children of donors in his district to the frontlines first. Hell, he just so happens to a lieutenant colonel in the Air National Guard. We’ll put him in command of the mission.

    Pick a side.

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