Restoration of Rights bill intoduced in Florida

And the way it is portrayed, you think it is only about guns.

A new bill filed earlier this month could make it easier for convicted felons to have their voting and gun rights restored.
The bill, HB 903, was filed on Dec. 6 by State Rep. Cord Byrd (R-Neptune Beach) would allow judges to restore the rights of felons after they’ve completed prison sentences and probation.
Florida currently prohibits convicted felons from owning firearms or voting.

New Bill Would Allow Florida Felons to Own Guns

And as usual, we go to what the bill says.

My personal take? It will not go anywhere and it will bring down the current push for allowing felons to vote.  The bill has some things I like such as taking in consideration the petitioner’s past which would make it more palatable to other members of the Legislature and the public.

Personally and on initial uneducated view, I like this bill but I doubt it will pass. Democrats like felons to vote, but not that much. And allowing them to own guns again? The ungrateful bastards may even vote for the Republicans!


3 Replies to “Restoration of Rights bill intoduced in Florida”

  1. The guns part will get stripped in conference, leaving the felons voting… and while the authors will pinky-swear that they will only be allowed to cite in local elections, they’ll be punching for national level candidates too. Goodbye, any chance of Red Florida … which is the entire point of this exercise, just like in Virginia.

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