Restoring Rights to Non Violent Felons.

The case of Krissy Noble has many in the Gun Culture railing in a righteous uproar. A young mother uses her husband’s gun to successfully defend herself at home from a violent intruder. She is not charged with a crime for it, but she heading to court because she was a felon in possession of a gun.  You see, Ms Noble had caught a 5 year suspended sentence for marijuana possession making her an automatic felon.

Absurd, but it is the law. It is the law that we have ignored for too many years so it is on our heads. Here in Florida, for example, if you are found or plea guilty of a non-violent Felony,  you will also lose your concealed weapons permit.  Some of those crimes are rather silly or are overblown as felonies like Defrauding Inkeeper (Don’t screw with hotels/motels in Florida), writing bad checks, intercept oral communication, keep a gambling house (them poker games with money exchanging hands?) and possession of a still or still apparatus.

And I do believe we have a good chance to change the law both at state and federal level. The Liberal’s movement to restore the Right to Vote for every felon (including killers and child rapists) could be used to put forward and win our fixing to the plight of people like Krissy. Voting right for Felons has always been a contradictory but successful platform, it is basically politicians saying: “I just wanna give you back the rights that can provide me a benefit and screw you with the rest.”

We need to clinch on that now that the marijuana laws are also changing. Many people who had their lives screwed for silly pot possession and have been perfect citizens after that, do not deserve to be branded and unable to defend themselves without consequences for the rest of their lives.

I do not claim to have all the right answers for this thing. I only have the gut feeling this is a very winnable cause if properly presented. The Opposition will have to explain why Suzy Homemaker, mother of three, PTA and member of the Antioch Revival Church of the Region does not have the right to defend herself from the Bubba Jose Dashiki who already has several felony convictions on him and just broke into her house planning to make her a forcible semen rag before killing her but has Liberals championing him do he can get his right to vote restored.

This cause is probably as important of not more important than National Reciprocity. At least, that is my take.

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    1. The mechanism for restoring those rights is already in place. If a prior felon is too lazy or too inconvenienced to go thru that process, are they really responsible enough to be voting? And NO blanket restoration like was done in Virginia in 2016.
      One of our congressional races features an ad questioning the man on the street as to who his representative is – he doesn’t know. Do we want such ill informed people determining the direction of the Republic?

  1. Not only should non-violent felons have their rights restored, we should also look at changing a lot of the B.S. felonies to misdemeanors.

  2. I’ve always thought that restoring the rights of felons, of all types, was justified. My basic contention is that if they’re too much of a risk to allow them to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights, why do we allow them out of prison.

    1. Restoring the 2A rights of all felons including violent ones, won’t make it in Congress. In fact, it is DOA by the time it hits the DC line.

      The All or Nothing approach will get you nothing 99.99% of the times.

  3. I dont mind a category of crime that covers offenses serious enough that the perpetrator’s ability to function as a full citizen is curtailed- every justice system known to man has a category for severe or habitual offenders. I’d prefer a good look at which crimes are actually worth being considered felonies.

  4. Interestingly enough, while the law on self defense is much stricter here in Germany one thing they did get right is that if you defend yourself with a prohibited item you face no charges for possessing said item.
    You got an illegal gun and use it to lawfully defend yourself? No charges for owning an illegal gun (the gun gets confiscated, of course).

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