Revolts happening in Venezuela.

At this late hour, lots of very dark videos allegedly coming out of the zone of Petare, east of Caracas which is low-income and basically slums filled with criminals. Appears there is/was some shooting and reports of a couple of grenades being tossed.

Twitter user commenting that the National Guard and the Bolivarian National Police were quelling earlier street protests and thing went south. Criminals pulled out their guns and started to exchange rounds with the government forces.

Some civilians are supporting the armed criminals and say they are defending the poor. Others defending the government forces and saying they are doing what’s to be done to keep the peace. Both set the civilians so far still do not realize that coming daybreak, they will still be under the boot of one group or the other.

The irony…

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  1. How come that criminals have guns in a gun free paradise and how come that the people are revolting in a socialist paradise?

    This is my shocked face

    Finally. I mean, at this point there’s a great chance that it might get better than worse.

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