I am the weird one, the one that gets that call from pollsters and actually sits with them and answers all the questions. And I am weird also that as Hispanic, I tag myself Republican and Conservative (sorry, pollsters give no options on the “conservative for some stuff and libertarian on others.”) which I have noticed it has startled some callers who seems to be working for the other side.

Last night I got a call and the two first questions were:
If the elections for Senator were held today, who would you vote for. The Republican candidate or the Democrat Candidate?

My answer was The Republican. (There is a method to my madness)

The next question was:
If the elections for Senator were held today, who would you vote for. The Rick Scott, the Republican or the Bill Nelson, the Democrat?

My answer was an emphatic:
I am not voting for either of those assholes.

That left the pollster in a bit of a bind. Apparently there is no “He/She ain’t voting for either asshole” in the poll form.  She asked me if I was undecided, apparently the only available box to check mark an my reply was “Oh hell, I am fully decided all right. Neither one of those morons gets my vote.”

I have no idea what she marked and really don’t care. if they have a section for notes, I hope she wrote that subject simply will not vote for the assholes in the ballot.

Bill nelson is a known asshole and we can mold strategy knowing for sure he will screw us up at the first chance. Scott is an asshole that will also fuck us up at the first sign of pressure. Senator Flake is retiring and we really don’t need to add another flaky bastard to the Senate under the disguise of a (R) after his name.

And this is an email I got this morning. It must be stinging a bit in Scott’s HQ.

PS: This is the way I am voting, just in case you needed to know.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

11 thoughts on “Rick Scott and his road to Private Life.”
  1. For some time now, I’ve wanted – on primary ballots as well as the general – an option that says “Neither/none of these candidates is/are acceptable; go back and try again.”

    Depending on the details of how that is implemented at the national level, of course, one might have to completely suspend lawmaking while the parties sort themselves out and try to come up with acceptable candidates. (Oh the horror.)

    1. Having “none of the above” is something Neil Smith came up with back in 1980 (in his first novel “The Probability Broach”). But he defined it somewhat differently: whoever wins the vote wins the office. If “none of the above” wins, the office remains unfilled for that term.

  2. When the vote time comes, they need to have a none of the above. If none of the above gets more votes than the candidates, the race is over and new candidates need to be offered.

  3. Yeah that’s a great idea – just let Nelson win and peddle an AWB on the national stage. How about sucking it up, take one for the team, and get the “better for gun rights” guy to the Senate instead?

    If you wanted Scott gone, you had your chance in the primary. Don’t let your own ego and personal hate get in the way of gun rights.

    1. Nelson is useless in Congress. Check his record. He is just a vote, not a mover or influencer.

      And I did not vote for him in the Primaries either. But Florida GOP need to learn we are done taking one-two-three for the team. Do you actually think Scott is going to be on our side in DC when it comes to guns? He already fucked us with SB7026 and if he can make himself a name in the news by sucking Hogg’s political dick live and in color, he will do so.

      We are already fucked with the Florida Legislature, make sure we win the Executive.

      Embrace the suck.

      1. “Just a vote”


        It would be pretty useful to have “just a vote” to counteract a Flake and get a pro-2A justice on the court, wouldn’t it? What happens next time, when “just a vote” kills national reciprocity, or gives us universal background checks? Or what if there’s a 2000 election redux and Florida needs every ACTUAL vote it can get for Scott to get in?

        100 Senate seats, maybe 7-8 competitive ones, and you’re gonna let your ego and hatred for Scott give Nelson the win? Maybe Scott’s not perfect, but he will be a 100,000% improvement over what Florida is giving the country if we get another six years of Nelson.

        You wanted Scott out, you had your chance in the primary. If you don’t get behind the party, you’re no different than the never Trump cucks who voted for Gary Johnson.

    2. Scott ran virtually unopposed, except for that moron who was running in 8 states.

      I am with Miguel: I am not voting for Scott. I can’t vote for Nelson, either. Voting for Republicans even when they screw us on gun rights is how gun owners lose their voice. After all, if the Republicans find out that they can kill gun rights with impunity, they no longer fear the ire of gun owners, and we get gun control anyway.

      I cannot forgive the fact that for the first time in my life there are gun parts on Brownell’s website that say “cannot ship to residents of Florida.

      I warned the Republican Party of Florida that I would not vote for Scott if he were nominated, and they ignored me. They lose my vote.

      1. Of course you’re with Miguel because you’re a cuck just like he is.

        Just hand over the seat to the Democrats like a good goy, apologize, and turn in your guns.


        WARNING: I am a Keybaord Commando and have Violated the rules of commenting in this blog.
        Being a dick looks cool online and may even attract old guys passing themselves as young girls looking for sex.
        But mostly I just look like an asshole.
        Please accept me as such.

  4. Ladies and Gents: The comment section is open for your input. So far we have maintained a level of politeness even when we disagree deeply. I don’y mind disagreement.

    But the basic rules of behavior have been posted for the last 10 years:
    “Feel free to express your opinions. Trolling, overly cussing and Internet Commandos will not be tolerated .”

    Paul is the second imbecile in 10 years whose post needed some creative addition. I reckon that is a mighty good record. And no Paul, I won’t delete it and I wont send you to the spammer gulag. I think embarrassing you makes for a much nicer lesson.

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