This is the US Federal Government working with tech companies to censor unapproved opinions about COIVD.

But it’s just Uncle Joe stopping your crazy Trump-loving relative from spreading “disinformation” so it’s perfectly acceptable and nothing to be worried about.

President No Mean Tweets is obliterating the Bill of Rights.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “RIP the First Amendment. I hope this was worth it for no mean Tweets.”
  1. That should blow fb’s section 230 exemption so far out of the water it enters low earth orbit.

    1. That’s what I said. A “private corporation” doesn’t get to hide behind corporate protections when they act as a government proxy at the behest of the government.

      And the government doesn’t get to say, “WE can’t do that because of the First Amendment, so instead we’ll have Big Tech do it for us.”

      I was reminded that actual mis-20th-century fascism was a government/corporate alliance. We are seeing that develop again, in real time, by the very same people who call everyone they disagree with fascists.


  2. This should blow Facebook’s Section 230 exemption so far out of the water, it enters low earth orbit.

  3. A week or two ago Trump filed a lawsuit against Facebook et al. on First Amendment grounds, pointing to SCOTUS precedent that the First Amendment does apply to private companies if they are acting as agents for the Federal government. In other words, it is settled law that the Feds can’t use a private organization to do on their behalf the things they can’t constitutionally do directly.

    At the time the big question was whether Trump could prove this allegation with preponderance of the evidence. That is no longer a question, given that the White House has now confirmed it explicitly, in front of cameras for the whole world to see.

    Say goodbye, Jeff.

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      1. Indeed. Except in my cases the posts generally weren’t reappearing following edits. Oh god, I must have the delta variant of the bug!!!

        1. According to Miguel, Akismet is flagging some edited comments as spam and hiding them. He goes through and approves them, and then they reappear. If you check the old posts, your comments might be back; he might have gotten to this one more quickly.

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            If Akismet can’t fix these recently introduced defects, it needs to be thrown out.

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              But that’s not my call to make, and maybe WordPress doesn’t support anything better. I don’t know about any of that. (My site is on Blogger, and isn’t really “my” site. I’m more of a resident guest with privileges to post whatever I want, but not to make any substantive changes.)

              And I always think twice before telling people what they “need” to do in their own house. 😉

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  5. The problem with disinformation is not that it exists. It is who gets to decide what is disinformation.

    I am old enough to remember when “the virus leaked from a lab” was disinformation. Squashing “disinformation” is just another way to cover up the fact that you are complicit in wrongdoing.

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