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10 thoughts on “Rittenhouse Trial: When the witnesses have zero respect for the prosecutors.”
  1. Just saw over at Instapundit a screenshot of a Posobiec tweet that says the Mayor of Kenosha, the D.A., and the lead detective in the case against Rittenhouse are blood relatives. Anyone here know about that?

    1. The detective, a very junior guy with apparently a severe lack of competence, is the mayor’s nephew.


      He’s hosting it daily and other lawyers join in and provide commentary throughout the trial, I believe they’re using the Law & Crime stream for the trial. I’ve had it up the last couple days and just been listening in while working on boilers & furnaces. They make a lot of good points, and have just been tearing in to the way the prosecution has gone about this case.

  2. My expectations: If there is not gross jury misconduct Kyle Rittenhouse will be acquitted on all counts including the underage possession. The left will howl and rage and since they have to blame somebody they will turn on Gaige Grosskreutz blaming him for not lying enough. If antifa doesn’t kill him he will still have the full fury of wokeness and cancel culture crash down upon him and he will never hold another job but rely on federal entitlements until someone does kill him. Cities will burn and useful idiot protestors will die as well as innocent law abiding Americans. The source of the unicorn drone footage that magically showed up on the idiot prosecutor’s doorstep last night will never be revealed despite the available forensic metadata in the file. I’m sure I missed something but these are the highlights. If there IS gross jury misconduct much of the above will still happen but a hell of a courageous young man will go to prison.

  3. Kyle will be acquitted. The National and Cable News Talking heads will be dumbfounded. They have no clue, they do not have the knowledge, the attention span, or the intelligence to follow this trial, or at least do what I do and follow the experts following this trial. There will not be riots and unrest in the streets.

    There was no unrest a feww warmer weeks ago when the Feds announced that they were not going after any of the police at the Jacob Blake shooting, including the officer that shot Jacob Blake.

    Do not forget it is November in Wisconsin. They may have snow later this week, and the weather at night is below freezing.

    If they do have any riots or unrest? May I suggest sending the Fire Department out and soaking the crowds with the monitor nozzle. They will be soaked, cold, and the streets beneath their feet will begin to freeze too.

  4. If Kyle is acquitted (as he should be) the media will react exactly as they did in the Trayvon Martin shooting, disregarding the verdict of the jurors who actually saw and heard all the evidence to promote their outrage at the “miscarriage of justice.” Outrage and consequential riots sell more news time and keep their corporate sponsors happy. To hell with the truth or public good!

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