I read Miguel’s post Heading for a societal breakdown and I have a slightly different take on it than he does.

The original Robocop franchise was rather prescient for being an 80’s action flick.

What I am seeing on the horizon is the plot of Robocop 3, which is borrowed in part from the rise of Socialism in Europe.

In Robocop 3, the department salaries and benefits had been slashed so hard that the cops quit.  Then OCP, which wanted to privatize Detroit hired the Scatterpunk gang as enforcement to terrorize the citizens.

New York, Seattle, Portland, other Blue cities are more and more run by anti-cop city governments.  The Democrats as a whole are turning viciously anti-cop.

I think the point of this is to drive the good cops out of the force and make it impossible to hire new good cops.

Portland police have had to lower standards to increase recruiting, which includes accepting some prior criminal background.

I think where this is ultimately going is these cities openly hiring Antifa, BLM, and other Leftist groups as quasi-police enforcers.

This is what the Soviets did.  They took their most hard hitting thugs and made them secret police, not to enforce the law but to enforce the party line.

We’ve seen police chiefs and sheriffs announce that they won’t enforce Beto’s gun banpolice chiefs and sheriffs announce that they won’t enforce Beto’s gun ban.  If current cops won’t confiscate the guns than get cops who will.  Ones who don’t care about the Constitution but do want to bash NRA members and Republicans.

I think this is strategic.



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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Robocop 3 and how breakdown will occur”
  1. Maybe the plan is to hire useful idiots as cops, but no matter how many they hire We the People still out number(and outsmart) em by large numbers ..

  2. The problem with using “thugs” as cops, is that they know how to enforce their will.

    If cops start stacking up to confiscate guns, some of those cops will be shot. That’s the blunt of it.

    If a cop gets shot while trying to confiscate weapons, they will shoot back. Shooter goes down, dog goes down. Lots of angry words with anybody else in the location. Maybe a bit of time in cuffs while the cops “sort things out, for your safety and theirs”

    Shoot a “thug” in a cop suit and they shoot you, shoot your dog, burn your house to the ground, disappear your children, and your spouse ends up a prison bitch before being shot in the back of the head and dropped into an unmarked grave.

    It changes the calculus of resistance.

    This is exactly how thuggish governments control people. It is not nearly as difficult to sacrifice yourself as it is to sacrifice those that you love.

  3. The media break segment in the original ‘Robocop’ was right about fighting between Mexican Nationals against rebels in Acapulco. And the 6000 sux. Just saying.

  4. One rule I see through history is that even tyrannical governments need the consent of a supermajority of the people to actually work.

    They just don’t have the numbers to pull this off. But, we know that they are pretty much blind to reality in everything else, so this is no surprise that they wouldn’t know how to carry out a revolution either.

    And yes, the American Left does’t know how to do revolutions, despite what they try to tell people. They can only piggyback on someone else’s work.

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