Everybody has their hot take on this. We’ve heard what Trump has to say. We’ve heard what J.Kb. with tinfoil hat has to say. Garland has his take and so do you.

Of course the media is going to do what the media always does, make you and I the bad guys.

Many on the right believe that the 2020 election was fixed. Not necessarily on election day but in the months leading up to it. The Wisconsin supreme court recently ruled that the drop boxes used in 2020 were not constitutional. PA did similar election hijinx.

On January 6th a bunch of people from the right showed up to protest and to let their voices be heard. They new the rules. The rules had been shown to them through the months of “Mostly Peaceful Protests”. Media showed how it was ok for protesters to push back, to throw things at law enforcement, to protect yourself, to spray mace and bear spray and many other things.

These were the established rules of engagement.

They were not. Those rules of engagement only applied to the left. This is why we had Rittenhouse arrested and prosecuted for defending himself. The man who was pushed and shoved and hit who finally responded with lethal force being arrested and charged. An Uber driver that had an AK pointed at him responded with lethal force. He too was punished by the law.

Lawfare is real. “The process is the punishment.”

Donald Trump made a big mistake when he entered the White House. He treated taking over as president the same as he treated taking over a company with a hostile take over. When the deal is done you find the good people and you keep them. They are the people that get things done. They are the ones that are loyal to the company, the fact that there is a new CEO shouldn’t change that.

We’ve all had times when our boss changed. We know that things will change. Some bosses are good, some are bad. Most of the time you keep right on going because you like your job and you like what you are doing. You know that you will be able to train your boss to be good sooner or later.

And Trump had that mindset. We know that because he didn’t clear house as he entered office. Having delayed when he did start firing people the media immediately sided with the Left. Trump was horrible. He didn’t know what he was doing. The only thing that was going to save the country was these loyal government employees that would keep him in check.

Government employees are like all of us, some are good, some are bad. Many are lazy. It is much easier to be lazy with a government job. The scientists and researchers and techs I worked with when I was supporting a government research facility were all incredible people that worked more hours than they got paid for and got some amazing results.

The admin staff? Not so much. If we had to do something after hours we would just stay late to do it. We had our normal duties and after hours work was just part of the job. If an admin person had to stay past 1630 they didn’t show up until late in the day. And when their 8 hours were up, they were out the door.

Just a few more minutes to complete something? Nope. Out the door, we’ll schedule another after hours next week.

That is the gist of it. Trump knew there were going to be bad apples. He didn’t know just how bad. He also didn’t expect it at the top. He didn’t expect it from his “inner” circle. Nobody was expecting the FBI to show up during the transition looking to entrap people like Gen. Flynn.

The Trump team didn’t know you never talked to the FBI without White House counsel with you.

Trump has been fighting the Left leaning bureaucracy (hey, it is only a 75 degree list to the port) since before he entered office. It has continued ever since.

The latest is of course the FBI raid on his home.

Showing up with that number of agents makes it a raid. There was no reason. I might be proven wrong, but I doubt it. You use a warrant and a raid when you have reason to believe that evidence might be destroyed or not turned over upon request.

Yes, we know that Hilary broke the law. We know she should have been arrested and charged. She wasn’t because she is one of the chosen ones. It doesn’t matter what she did or did not do. It doesn’t matter what the FBI did or did not do to her.

What matters is rule of law.

What we will find is that the warrant was issued legally. At some point in a decade or two we might find out that people lied to get it. But it will all be legal.

But that isn’t where this is right now. This is about you.

If you haven’t watched the video at the top, please watch it with the sound on.

January 6th was a big deal to the left as it let them paint every one of us as “extreme”. This raid is causing thousands and thousands of people to comment.

“lock and load”, “Civil War V2” and so on and so on. This raid kicked a hornets nest. People chatter. People make statements.

What you and I might read as a warning “If you do X I’ll do Y.” they see as a threat.

How many times have we heard some Lefty crying in the media about “death threats”. They don’t show them. When they do it turns out to be things like “If you want to take them, YOU stack up.”

Years ago as a child I was being bullied by a group of children my age and a bit older. I picked up a baseball bat and was ready to take as many as I could if they attacked. They were the ones trying to flank me. They were the ones advancing. I was preparing to defend myself.

My actions were a threat if and only if they initiated the attack. They didn’t. The bat did its job. It told them I was a hard target.

So look at this action. It is an enemy action. Once is an accident. Twice a coincidence. Three times is an enemy action. We are way past the third time.

Make sure you are prepared. Make sure you stand on the moral high ground. Make sure you are ready for whatever decisions you choose to make. Watch what is happening to your neighbors and watch for strange silences.

Don’t be the one to start the fire.

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