As some people have pointed out, it looks like there is more food, at least bread or maybe a sandwich, on the lid of the container that he attempted to crop out of the picture.

Ungrateful for the support he got in an emergency, sounds like he’s already embraced a particular American culture.

Clearly a future Democrat voter.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Sadly, he’ll fit right in with a lot of Americans”
  1. We also already had the first refugees from Afghanistan, helpers of the Bundeswehr, complaining, that they did not receive their own house for their “service”.

    And you know what? State of the art building projects for refugees in Germany get express treatment while as a lowly tax payer you can wait a couple years for your permit to be processed.

    I’ve been saying it for years: pur politicians breed racism and xenophobia with their politics.

  2. Oh, and the whining about filthy bathrooms: you’re refugees, not vacationers. Don’t crap on the floor and clean up after yourself!

  3. Oh so the Biden administration js fucking something else up. Got it. Thanks for pointing thst out to us mr refugee.

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