Rule 1: Don’t be a dumb-ass.

Seems pretty straight forward doesn’t it?  If you have the hankering to take care of your old ride-on lawnmower by packing it with 3 lbs of tannerite and then shooting it, be sure to stand more than 43 feet away.

The bad news is that stumpy had to learn this lesson the hard way.  Good news is that he’s not being charged with a crime since the only person he hurt was himself.


I really like the sheriff in this video.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Safety First”
  1. That’s pretty awful. However, this is Darwin at work. If you can’t muster the brainpower to take some precautions when dealing with dangerous things you might be excised from the gene pool.

  2. 43′ away from an object made of steel parts and stuffed with 3lbs of explosives.
    Nicely done. You win the Darwin award. Hope he has to wheel his friend around for the rest of his life for costing him his leg.

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