Since WWII our military doctrine has been “we control the air over the battlefield.”

And we have.

The only reason we did what we did in Iraq and Afghanistan was because we controlled the skies.  We could bring in air support, air resupply, and air evacuation on demand.

The only threat to our aircraft was at low altitude from ground-to-air weapons.  We didn’t have to dog fight Taliban to clear the skies before sending in AC-130s to pound one of their positions.

Well, those days are gone.

We have given up air combat superiority for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Chinese Air Force does not vote on  pride flag colored logos.

Ours does.

Which do you think will be more victorious in combat?


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Say goodbye to air combat superiority”
  1. The airframe reminds me of some of the paint schemes on WWII era ships.

    Perhaps if you’re trying to hide a VTOL in San Francisco?

  2. Look, third-world population = third-world nation = third-world military. It’s going to happen anyway. Do you think America will be a first-world nation when we have the population and political leadership of a Detroit or Los Angeles? These people vote and they’ll vote in third-world looters and idiots. So don’t sweat the decline, it’s inevitable with open borders.

  3. When I was in the USAF, I often heard it said that the last battle the US fought without having air superiority (or supremacy) was the battle of Kasserine Pass, which was a big loss. Don’t know if that would indicate a general rule, but it wouldn’t be wise to assume that it was just a fluke.

  4. I’m glad that I was able to serve in the USAF before the Woke Cancer started to take hold. Now I reccomend to every patriotic young American who’s considering serving in the (formally) Armed Services that they pursue other options for serving their communities.

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