The publisher of the Miami Herald, The Kansas City Star and dozens of newspapers across the country is filing for bankruptcy protection.

The publisher’s 30 local newsrooms will continue to operate as usual as McClatchy Co. reorganizes under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

McClatchy expects fourth-quarter revenues of $183.9 million, down 14% from a year earlier. Its 2019 revenue is anticipated to be down 12.1% from the previous year. That would mean that the publisher’s revenue will have slid for six consecutive years.

McClatchy, publisher of dozens of U.S. newspapers, files for bankruptcy protection

My guess is the Herald will have another round of firings (#LearnToCode) and then move from the warehouse in Doral to some refurbished strip mall in Little Havana next to the immigration law firm (Get your Green Card for only $499.00!) and the bodega.

But wait, this is what we should expect from the newspaper struggle:

“When local media suffers in the face of industry challenges, communities suffer: polarization grows, civic connections fray and borrowing costs rise for local governments,” said CEO Craig Forman. “We are moving with speed and focus to benefit all our stakeholders and our communities.”

Funny, I don’t know the other papers, but the Herald has been polarizing people for decades now and making everything less civil and civic.  I can even tell you if not the moment your slide down the path of irrelevancy began, at least it was a good shove: It was the year 2,000 and your editorial board announced with the printed version of a fanfare of  trumpet that you would eb abandoned the practice of not endorsing a president and throwing your blessing towards Al Gore being the President, something along the lines of that election being too important to give to the Republicans. And if that was not all, the shitty coverage and injecting yourselves in the Recount trying to do your best to revert the result of the elections in favor of the Democrats.

Does Miami-Dade need a newspaper? Indeed it does. Does Miami need the Miami Herald? No, we already get enough political spam and junk mail every day in our inboxes, both electronic and Real Life.

Hat Tip Kevin C.

PS: I almost forgot: #LearnToCode

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “Schadenfreude Alert: McClatchy, publisher of the Miami Herald and other newspapers files for bankruptcy.”
  1. I know it’s not your baby, but #LearnToCode is an insult to actual software engineers. To imply a journalist (or politician or whatever) just needs to take a few months and can start slinging code assumes they can ever learn to think logically when nothing in their past shows they can.

    1. #LearnToCode comes from the fact that journalists said that laid off coal miners should learn to code and stop whining about losing their mining jobs. So people threw it back in their faces.

      That said, I agree, journalists shouldn’t learn to code, they are too stupid. Katy Tur of MSNBC thought the gerrymandering applied to the Senate and people took out 30 year car loans. She said both of those on live TV and mas a $1 million per year salary.

      I think they should be handed over to job placement agency and made to pump out septic tanks and clean port-a-johns for a while.

    2. There are plenty of software producers who work by the “hack it till it stops crashing” method. For those, the #learntocode notion fits nicely. Those are the kinds of “programmers” who create systems that get hacked by script kiddies and ransomware purveyors.
      Writing reliable software requires rather different skills, but that is no so well understood. Even at places that should, like Boeing.

  2. With all the newspapers going out of business, whatever will we use to line our birdcages? That’s about the only useful function most big city newspapers serve anymore.

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