School shooting in Brazil I missed. March 13, 2019.

Eight people, including five schoolchildren, have been killed by gunmen who opened fire in a high school near São Paulo, before turning their guns on themselves when police arrived.

The two gunmen, ages 25 and 17, walked into the state school in Suzano, near São Paulo, around 9.30am on Wednesday, and opened fire while students were on a break.

The local police chief, Colonel Marcelo Salles, told reporters that the attackers were armed with a .38 revolver, a crossbow, a bow and arrows and also carried fake explosives. “In 34 years of service, I have never seen [an attack] with a crossbow. It is totally unthinkable,” he said.

Brazil school shooting: eight people killed, including five students

It happened three days ago during mom’s birthday, so I guess I was not really paying attention to the news.

I found out just now because I bumped into a surveillance video of the school lobby during the initial part of the attack.

One thing was left out of the narrative or downplayed in most news sources: The second attacker utilized what looks like a hatchet, to deliver a coup de grace to the downed victims and attack some of the students rushing to the street.

What makes this attack more disturbing than usual is the level of desensitization achieved by hatchet man. These are not rush killings on healthy human beings but deliberate chops on already wounded and unable to defend people. This is some evil predator-like behavior

I am not going to link the video, but I figure most of you know where to find videos of shit happening in Brazil.

If you still believe that truly evil assholes are not roaming the earth looking for victims,  you need to wake up.

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