In Canada:


In the US:


You know that the media will not demand AOC denounce this.

Considering that by the new definition of “unvaccinated” I am one, I take this as a direct threat against me.

These people believe they are on the side of good wanting the mass murder of those who oppose them.

This is what they really stand for.

And for the latter, make sure the people of Texas know that about these two candidates.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Scratch a Leftist find a Fascist”
  1. Shooting Protesters? Not a good idea.
    You know what those evil racist, sexist, homophobic, knuckledragging (SARCASM) protesters do when they are not protesting? They build soup kitchens, playgrounds with bouncy castles, hot tubs, and outdoor dance emporiums, plural. In the middle of a Canadian Winter in the middle of the Canadian Washington DC. They get stuff done, peacefully. They keep how many protesting people, and vehicles supplied with all the necessities and a lot of extras in the midlle of a very hostile public environment. Peacefully.
    The Canadians may not have the US Gun Culture 2.0 with modern sporting rifles. They may not have as many guns as we do, but they have Resolute Discipline and Intelligence. I bet they did not even bring any guns to gun unfriendly Ottawa. Why provoke their enemies? Why give them an excuse to arrest protesters?
    Now, after two weeks of peaceful, fun loving, good natured smiling protests NATIONWIDE? They have the majority of the Canadian People on their side after two weeks of PEACEFUL, SMILING, LAUGHING PROTESTS.
    No violence, no hate. And that is driving their enemies batshit, hair pulling insane. The liberal nanny state SJW Ottawa city council is losing it about “Insurrections” “Occupations,” and lashing out at the Ottawa Police, the RCMP, Premier Ford, and finally even the Sainted Justin Trudeau.
    Not even their government financed media can keep up the lies anymore. Nobody believes their media anymore.

  2. I have said it here many times. The Democrats and far left only desire one thing: the literal complete and total mandated extermination of all human life in the United States that opposes or resist them up to preferably including the complete and total extermination of all human life in the United States minus themselves and illegals. I have also said that when it comes to covid they want nothing less than The literal global mandated extermination of all human life on earth that is not vaccinated along with complete and total extermination of the entire human race is against that even if it means having to kill all humans live on earth minus themselves.

    However this sentiment is shared by all leftists all over the world. I would say that nearly every single solitary western government with less exceptions than I have fingers on one hand want nothing less then to exterminate every single salary person that opposes their mandates, exterminate every single salt person that opposes to be vaccinated and then exterminate the entire population of their country that would be against that.

    Justin up in Canada wants nothing less than to use the military to implement The complete and total extermination of every single trucker in Ottawa. He wants to government to literally Execute every single trucker in Ottawa and then mandate to complete and total extermination of all human life in Canada that supports the convoy. And then mandate the complete and total extermination of all human life in Canada that is against that even if it means having a kill all 37 million people in Canada. Justin with literally rather kill every living human being in Canada with himself being the only person alive. He would literally rather have Canada as a population of one, he being that one thank you for up his power.

    I have said it before and I will say it again: the extermination of the unvaccinated will happen. it’s just a matter of where and when. I was thinking Germany, Austria or Australia but Canada actually might be the one. And it starts with truckers oddly enough.

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