I understand not liking to wear a suit, but rules of decorum exist for a reason.

If Senator Lurch refuses to put on a suit to conduct official business as part of his duties as a Senator, that’s a problem.

It would be one thing if he were in a cast, and they passed a medical exemption that said he didn’t have to wear suit pants if he can’t put them on over a medical device.

But he just won’t wear a suit.

I’m convinced he can’t wear a suit.

He’s not competent enough to button pants, buckle a belt, and tie a tie.

Rather than admit that, the Senate Democrats changed the dress code.

This isn’t about the dress code, this is about the extent Democrats will go to cover for one of their own being mentally incompetent.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Senate Democrats cover for mental incompetence”
  1. As time goes on it looks like the (D) side of the isle would prefer to fill elective offices with mental incompetents. That way they can do whatever they like with the office while the “place holder” does what they are told to do and says (mostly) what they are told to say.
    It’s a giant middle finger to all citizens.

  2. I suggested to my (R) Senator pajama pants, flip flops, and a tank top.
    They want People of Walmart, give them People of Walmart.

    1. Or Team (R) could go the opposite way and show up dressed for a night at the opera (back when people dressed up for such things).

  3. I was expecting another person that couldn’t dress properly.

    I was going say that if Fetterman dresses like he’s going to the gym, people might as well wear whatever. 😆

  4. I’m of two minds… One is to embarrass the hell out of Fetterman, but he might not even notice. The other is to do as Tantiv says…

  5. No better proof that the occupants of offices, at least the ones with (D) following their names, are just puppets.
    Who is really running the show for the dems? Unfortunately, all the guesses are too scary to say out loud.

  6. Meanwhile, if I were there, I’d be upping the quality and formality of my personal dress code.

    The rules are there for a damn reason, even if the powers that be choose not to enforce them in order to cater to the lowest common denominator. Show some personal dignity, for crying out loud!

    I was always told to dress for the job you want. By that measure, Fetterman wants to be homeless and unemployed. Schumer should let him.

      1. I presume it IS a concept some of their voters are familiar with.
        Then again, if they were truly familiar with the concept of shame, they probably wouldn’t be voting Democrat in the first place!
        Still, if I were a U.S. Senator looking at this, I’d be taking my normal suits and adding the vest, decorative handkerchief, and cuff links. And tying the tie with a Full Windsor instead of a Half Windsor or Four-in-Hand. And maybe swapping the wristwatch for a pocket watch on a chain. Old school but classy.
        Fetterman and his voters might not notice or feel the shame, but my voters and I would feel the dignity and pride of my home state and its representative office.

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