I have been thinking about the Jeffery Epstein case a lot the last couple of days, then my wife sent me this:

Stop Calling Epstein’s Victims Young Women. They’re Children.
In no world is a 14-year-old an underage woman. She is a child.

Epstein pleaded guilty to state charges of soliciting prostitution in 2008 and received an extremely lenient sentence. He had to register as a sex offender and spend 13 months in jail but was allowed to leave the jail on work release. What’s more, Acosta and his court also agreed to abandon investigating Epstein any further, and to not to prosecute any person who was also accused of finding Epstein young girls.

When it comes to the Acosta thing, I’m not going to defend his actions, I know nothing about that first case.  What I am sure of is that people are making a lot of hay out of it because he is a Trump secretary.

I have heard very little criticism of all the sweetheart deals that NY DA Cy Vance cut for Epstein and Weinstein.  Cy Vance, as readers of this blog will know, is the DA famous for prosecuting working-class New Yorkers for pocket knives they need for their jobs under NY’s terrible gravity knife law and he fought the reformation of that law tooth and nail.  So ruining the lives of working-class men, especially black men, over a utility knife was more important to the NY DA’s office than throwing wealth serial rapists and child molesters in prison because they donated to Democrats.

This disturbing case is receiving a lot of media coverage. And as outlets have reported on Epstein’s charges, I’ve noticed that many reports continue to refer to the victims of his crimes as women instead of girls. They mention that Epstein lured “underage women” to his home under the guise of getting massages, to engage in sex acts with those “underage women” for pay and recruited those “underage women” to find him more underage women to engage sex acts with. Several articles published yesterday stated that Epstein was trafficking “underage women” or “young women” for “sex” or sexual acts. 

Here’s the thing: there is no such thing as an “underage woman.” There is such a thing, however, as a young woman — but a young woman is still over 18, and Epstein’s alleged victims were not. At least one article, confoundingly, referred to the girls as “underage females,” which somehow both robs them of their girlhood and their humanness. 

This is 100% true.

Then there is the case of Ed Buck, the wealthy California donor who likes to have his black rent-boys OD and gets the LAPD to clean up his mess, who just got accused of human trafficking.

Miguel, in his paging through the annals of history, has come out strongly against lynchings.

As much as I respect Miguel, right now, I am in favor of them and becoming increasingly so.

I am tired of watching our two-tiered justice system in action.

I am tired of watching supremely wealthy and well-connected individuals get the most minor slap on the wrist because of who they know and who they donated to.

They can rape our daughters to death and spend a weekend in a minimum-security jail because of checks they made out to various reelection campaigns.

They are effectively untouchable.

Here is the thing, the French monarchy was also untouchable until it wasn’t.  The Romanovs ruled Russia for 304 years, but there are no more Romanovs left today.

I have said it before and I will say it again, the justice system works when there is the understanding that applies equally to all, without bias or prejudice.  When the system fails, and it is no longer respected, people take justice into their own hands.

I’m wondering how the national conversation would change if these well-connected perverts and the people who protected them were found swinging by their necks from overpasses?

The untouchable class acts the way it does because they know they are untouchable and are only doing the bare minimum show of law and order to appease the masses and pretend that justice is blind.

Maybe they should be reminded that they can be touched.

I think a real blockbuster of a rope party is just what we need to take their fingers off the scales of justice.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Sending out invitations to a rope party”
  1. “In no world is a 14-year-old an underage woman. She is a child.”

    Those same ‘journalists’ will refer to 20 year old gangbangers who get shot by other gangbangers as “children” to make it sound like honest gun owners are the devil incarnate and need to be disarmed.

  2. I wonder if Acosta is being attacked because he sent a Friend of Bill to jail.
    The WSJ had a lot to say about this story. It appears that Acosta was the one who pushed for serious penalties for Epstein, in spite of opposition from the State AG who wanted to give him a slap on the wrist. And of course it’s the state who gave him the country club “jail” penalty, and another state who tried to take him off the predator registry.
    It appears that Acosta is being attacked mostly because he works for Trump, and perhaps secondarily because he did the right thing against a powerful Democrat.

  3. Problem is that us deplorables would face severe criminal charges if we actually did clean up the mess. And I think we will find it will be a never ending battle. Where would it end? You ARE right Sir

  4. There were so many of these children molested by this dirtbag, that I have to ask: where were the Dads? If one of my girls had been touched, I would currently be serving a sentence in a supermax. Probably more than one because I tend towards the “excessive” when one of mine are affected.

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