This is bat shit insane.


This is all wrong.

The problem is we have devalued men in society and devalued the work men traditionally do in society.

There is a good chance that these men are losers.

The are not having the sex they want because they cannot attract a sexual partner.

The fix is not a right to sex and legalize prostitution.

The fix is to revalue men and the work they do,, then work to improve these men so they can become the type of mem women want to have meaningful sexual relationships with.

Prostitution takes away the impetus for these men to be fixed.  Why try and become the man woman want when you can just buy sex?

This is the incel version of free needles and safe injection sites.

This helps nobody, not loser men and not the women who would be commoditized.

Typical Progressive non-fix.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Sex positive candidate’s proposal hurts men and women”
  1. Agree.
    The issue is not sex. It is feminization of males, and the fact that women do not like soyboys. Yes, they claim they want emotional men, etc… but reality is they do not. Even the “woke” women would rather be with a guy who acts like a guy, than a guy who acts like a girl.
    Give a feminist leaning woman a choice of 10 men, and I will bet every dollar in my wallet they will pick the manly looking/acting guy over the sensitive one that loves antiquing and the Hallmark channel. Every time.

  2. Wait a second…. The political party of “men suck, women rule is saying “men” need prostitutes because they aint gettin none??? So its now ok for men to “objectifying women”…. You cant make this up.. wasnt there a news article about women in nyc were sick and tired of the metrosexual men?? Now its soy and manbuns…

    1. You expect consistency from the Left? That’s so cute… 😉
      Funny thought … how fast do the Dems need to be moving left and away from center before redshift sets in? Or is that why they say many of us have gone from centrist to far-right, without us having changed our opinions on anything?

  3. And when “right to sex” collides with “no prostitute will have him at any price,” what then? Does this become a wedding-cake situation?

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