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7 thoughts on “Sexy Cold Swimmer”
  1. Good news, lads. She’s single now, because you know it was a boyfriend that talked into this and you know she dumped his ass afterward.

  2. I know the Finns like to jump into freezing water after sitting in the sauna, but as far as I know the procedure includes cutting a hole in the ice first. (Rolling in the snow is an acceptable alternative, if no lake is available. I had to try that in college because I told classmates about it and they said “great, we’ll all do that”. Oops. Actually, it’s nice.)

  3. She’s lucky she didn’t break the ice. Probably would not have made it out. Most likely would have been a body recovery after the melt.

    1. Nah, you can see standing, liquid water atop the ice a few meters in front of where her butt lands. Then, several meters past that, it appears to be totally liquid.

      My best guess is this was happening in late winter during a thaw, but the ice was thicker in this bit of lake since it was in the shadows of the pier for much of the day.

      She probably expected to break through the ice with her cannonball. But… well…

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