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Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

14 thoughts on “Shame on us Gun Bullies! We made POTUS cry.”
  1. Crocodile tears. And “Walter” was doing his signature scowl of to the right.

    Anyone else notice Richard Martinez behind Obomination looking all solemn and pompous? The camera angle kept him in the picture the whole time.

    What a bunch of simpering sycophants!

    Now, on to the substance (?) of the speech: he pretty much duplicated stuff already on the books, so what was the point? He is going to hire more agents to “eat out our substance” (If he can quote the Declaration of Independence, so can I), for they won’t actually stop crime, but impede the honest gun owners–which is, of course, the intent. Pretty much the same old crap.

    The kicker is that he wants everybody in the business to have a FFL. One gets the feeling that he will be very freewheeling with his definition of who is “in the business.” Loretta Lynchmob has intimated that the BATFEces could require FFLs for John Boy who wants to sell his rifle to Jim Bob. That would entail paying a hefty fee for the licence, and having to buy the equipment for running the background check. And, if you obtain the licence, you will have to inventory all your firearms for registration, and we all know the purpose of that.

    Still, he speaks with forked tongue. He says he’s all for the 2A, yet want’s to further infringe upon it. Evil Marxist.

    1. Valid points, all – but what equipment is needed to call the NICS hotline? When a coworker, who is a licensed FFL, ran a recent NICS check through his FFL laptop, it was a simple matter of hitting a website and logging in with his credentials.
      Is there something more involved that I’m not aware in this process?

      1. I guess the equipment is a non-issue, as we already have computers, but that does leave that hefty fee.

  2. The tears are as fake as his concern for Americans.He is just trying to push something to happen so he can declare martial law.Then no election and no constitution and then his real agenda will start for Americans.Think about it.

  3. The irony is that in the 1990s, the ATF culled the FFL herd of these “small-time” businesspeople enormously. Their (unfounded) worry was that people were getting FFLs to beef up their personal collections by having guns shipped to their homes rather than engage in commerce.

    Then again, getting an FFL in the 1990s was cheaper, as well.

    If the Feds want people selling the occasional gun to be “in the business”, they need to bring FFL fees down.

    As for “NICS Equipment” – all you really need is a working phone. You can still phone in the relevant details.

    And yes, there’s a web portal – note, this is public information, I’m not breaking any laws. Of course you need to have an FFL and a login to access it.

    Now, I’m not too familiar as to what happens when you put info into NICS via the web, but believe it or not, I think there’s a human in the loop somewhere. They have a queue of background checks to process and they actually have to hit “go” on their side. It’s not completely automated. I’m thinking for security reasons, i.e. there needs to be a layer between the public and the systems NICS polls to generate the check result.

  4. “The gun lobby’s lies…”
    Who is the real liar? What groups lie the most? Would any of these orders have prevented sandy hook? He mentions Chicago, but doesn’t mention that Chicago doesn’t even prosecute but a tiny minority of federal firearms violators — the worst record in the nation. Who is lying? We need to focus on that and keep hammering the point home. We. Are. Not. The. Liars!

  5. The POTUS shouldn’t show an excess of emotion in public. Those who oppose us will interpret it as weakness.

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