There was a stabbing in a high school in North Carolina.

Student, 15, killed by younger peer in caught-on-camera brawl at North Carolina high school

A 15-year-old student was fatally knifed by a 14-year-old classmate on Monday during a wild, caught-on-camera brawl inside a North Carolina high school.

The melee inside the gym at Southeast Raleigh High School also landed a second student, 16, in the hospital with a non-life-threatening stab wound, according to local reports.

The teen accused of stabbing two of his peers was arrested and charged with murder on a juvenile petition, WRAL reported, citing authorities.

Part of the fight caught on camera shows two students face to face before a youngster in a black jacket throws a punch at a student in a red jacket, who responds with his own punch.

Sherelle McLaughlin told WRAL that her son, who is the alleged stabber, was only defending himself.

The video became publicly available.


I have to say, I agree with the mom.  This looks like self defense to me.

The kid was backing away from the kid in the blue hoodie, when the kid in the blue hoodie threw a punch.

The kid retreated and was followed.

He was thrown to the ground where he was stomped on and kicked by a mob.

He then stabs his attackers and runs away.

Getting knocked down and stomped on is often a death sentence.

This kid stabbing his way out of getting his head kicked in.

I think he was justified in using lethal force against a potentially lethal attack.

When he was down, he stabbed his attackers in what what available to him.

I’m going to assume he hit the femoral artery on the kid he stabbed in the thigh.

The kid in the blue hoodie looks like he got stabbed in the asshole a bunch.


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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Shanking a bully in the a**hole is legit self defense”
  1. I thought kidney or liver shots, looked like the first kid got stabbed in the back/side a few times.
    Definitely could be self defense, I’d just like to know any additional context and what instigated it. Without that though, yea totally agree.
    Makes you wonder how many kids silently carry a knife or gun to school daily for self defense or because they are scared of becoming a random victim.

    1. I don’t know about NC law, but from what I know about TN law we would need no further context. Personally I’d be curious too but legally it’s not relevant.

      He was retreating, pursued, and attacked by multiple attackers using force that a reasonable person would assume could result in great bodily harm or death.

      TN also has an absolutely wonderful provision that says if the only reason the cops knew you had a weapon was because of otherwise-legal self defense, they can’t even *arrest* you for it. I doubt that’s normal for the rest of the states but it should be.

      1. Generally, yea I agree.
        I’m just curious if an altercation was initiated by the knife kid before retreating, or if there were some sort of gang stuff going on, or there as something else hither to unknown that would hurt the self defense claim.
        Example, we don’t know what happened before this, maybe knife kid socked the kid in the black jacket or was messing with his friend, gf, etc. and force was being met with force.
        That start of the clip unfortunately does not capture the beginning, we aren’t quite coming into it in the middle of it, but we are only seeing it after something already started and we missed the start. For that reason, backing away may not be retreating for self defense purposes, some other sort of scuffle or exchange could have happened and this was part of ongoing and still escalating situation, maybe it positioning for better fighting etc.
        But again, yea I it certainly looks like it. Also interesting, do you know if the TN law has ever been applied to minors/people in prohibited places like schools?

        1. IANAL, but it looked to me like the black-jacket kid and the red-hoodie kid were arguing in the hall for several seconds at the start of the video. And if they were at it that long, it seems to me that the immediacy of self-defense from any prior attack has passed.
          Legally, this would probably be evaluated as a new encounter, not a continuation of a previous one. Sometimes, the relevant context is all there — WYSIWYG.
          Absent any other evidence or context, the whole thing seems pretty clear-cut self-defense to me. All the elements are there, including that he attempted to retreat but was chased down.
          Something else I noticed: former-red-hoodie kid (because it got pulled off him during the chase) stopped stabbing as soon as the stomping ceased and he could get up and walk away. He didn’t pursue his attackers or continue his defensive actions after the danger passed.

          1. Good points all around.
            I’d still say though like with anything, I want all the info and I think the start could be crucial in determining the success of self defense.

  2. Future leaders of America there…
    Agree, there is definitely a self defense aspect here. Especially when the mob of teen girls decide it is time to join in.

  3. Definitely proves out something I heard attributed to Craig Douglas/SouthNarc over the years. “You can’t put a tourniquet on a taint.”

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